Triple Bypass Event Manager

September 19, 2016

Triple Bypass Event Manager

Team Evergreen Cycling is looking for an experienced and exceptional Event Manager to lead the efforts in producing the Triple Bypass Ride.

Team Evergreen is the largest cycling club in Colorado with nearly 1,000 members.  The Triple Bypass Bicycle Ride is our most recognized event and draws riders from all over the world.  For the last 28 years we have attracted over 4,500 riders each year to participate in a challenging 120-mile ride through the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. This ride has evolved into a two-day event providing Triple participants the option of riding Saturday westbound from Evergreen to Avon, Sunday eastbound from Avon to Evergreen, or the Double Triple where participants ride both days.  Team Evergreen organizers are exploring additional routing options to increase the appeal to all skill levels of riders.

Triple Bypass Event Management
The organizer will be responsible for all key supervision of contract staff, recruitment and coordination of volunteers, coordination of permits with governmental agencies, oversight of budget, event operations and communication, working with public safety agencies, writing and editing assignment guides and expectations, fulfilling rider packet obligations and mailing, merchandise distribution and other duties as assigned.

List of tasks and skills/knowledge required, but not limited to, as follows:

  1. Arrange and coordinate all aspects of the Triple Bypass in coordination with the board appointed Triple Committee and the Team Evergreen Executive Director.  This includes but is not limited to: development of the annual ride plan; jersey design oversight and distribution; route mapping and design; aid station placement and management, liaison with host communities; event registration.
  2. Coordination of event logistics, (vendors, bicycle shops, ride infrastructure, luggage support, public safety support, maps, caterers, etc.); coordination of 600+ volunteers from multiple volunteer organizations, including position design, recruitment, training and recognition.  Ability to coordinate placement of aid stations, marshals, staffing and supplies.
  3. Ability to effectively organize a wide range of people, experience in planning and managing special events. Ability to design tasks and delegate responsibility, possess interpersonal skills to deal with volunteers, permitting agencies and community representatives. Liaison with local government departments in the 5 counties through which the ride travels. Familiarity with the State of Colorado and local government permitting process.
  4. Ability to act quickly and creatively in difficult, often stressful situations. Strong interpersonal and organizational skills required. Consistent and clear communication with the Team Evergreen Executive Director is essential.  Ability to develop job descriptions, operating manuals and handbooks to properly explain volunteer duties and expectations.  Knowledge of bicycling and bicycle safety. Ability to read and interpret maps, coordinate information, and work with local officials.
  1. Develop and maintain annual budget (approved by TE Treasurer and Executive Director). Work with accounting firm to track expenses, bill payment, purchase of services and materials through competitive bids (food service, trucks, toilets, clothing/merchandise, tents, supplies, etc.). Write monthly reports. Participate in monthly Triple Ride Committee and sub-committee meetings.
  2. Work independently in a timely and organized manner. Must develop and adhere to production timelines.
  3. Work with marketing/sponsorship team to develop timeline of campaigns and audiences. Adhere to calendar of events and protocol for Triple Bypass activities and promotions including working closely with website and registration manager. Work effectively with sponsorship team to confirm receipt and placement of sponsorship materials, contractual obligations, and sponsor benefits.
  4. Organization and participation in meetings associated with the event including meeting with governmental agencies, volunteer meetings, 2-3 TE board meetings, 2-3 organized rider events, and oversight during the event.
  5. Proven ability as an effective oral, online and written communicator, knowledge of online and social media marketing strategy, ability to manage marketing contracts, knowledge of special event marketing strategies, ability to organize material in a clear and concise manner. Knowledge of online marketing software a plus.
  6. Work closely with Board and Executive Director to fulfill the mission of Team Evergreen by advocating for and connecting people with cycling opportunities in Colorado.

Hours will vary dependent on tasks, deadlines and assignments of Team Evergreen.  This position will include a base salary plus bonus program set up towards obtaining TE objectives.  Pay will be commensurate with skills, experience, and knowledge of event production in Colorado.

Please send letter of interest and resume to Jennifer Barbour at by Monday, September 26th.


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