Triathlete to CX racer in one day!

by Dean Maruna
img_1701After the season ends, we are all ready for a break, mentally more so than physically. Mentally most of us build for that one race typically August/September time frame so that we have all summer to build and fine tune our body. Once the race is done, no matter the outcome, we need to let the emotions of the season the run their course and relax on the constant questioning about our physical state. Physically, our body is used to the workload, and wants to keep going. Here is where a good solid off-season plan comes into play. It starts with keeping the muscles working while more importantly letting the mind recover.
img_1667After having had a couple weeks of down time since my final race of the year, and some nagging teammates I decided to jump into a cyclo-cross race (Mind you, the last time I did one, I was on the start line with Davis Phinney 30-something years ago).
My goals for the race were:
1. Have funimg_1684
2. Do NOT get injured
3. Get some sort of workout
First and foremost, I had a blast! I made it about half way through the first lap before I fell,(the first of many) but that made me realize that I wasn’t going to kill myself and I’d be ok. At that point the worry stopped and I really started having fun! Other than a few scrapes and minor bruises I came out unscathed. Just a new refreshed mindset to getting back into the training routine.
Right after the race, just like Tri’s, everyone talks about their experience, swapping war stories, laughing and taking notes for next time. My feet were freezing so I call it a day and went home to a hot shower. Wow what a killer workout! Interesting thing was I remember running up the hills getting out of breath, jumping back on the bike and riding to the next hill, but damn my legs are sore.

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