Thumb Tacks Suspects Identified

From 9News:

JEFFERSON COUNTY – The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office identified two suspects in the Deer Creek Canyon Road thumb tack case.

Over the Fourth of July weekend, multiple cyclists got flat tires from hundreds of tacks tossed on the road west of Chatfield State Park. Sheriff’s deputies believe the tacks were spread along the narrow 2-lane roadway late on July 2 or early July 3.

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PREVIOUS STORY: Hundreds of tacks strewn on popular road for cyclists

While covering the story, a 9NEWS photojournalist found the packaging to the tacks which lead deputies to a local grocery store, giving them surveillance video a person of interest. Officials believe the man in the video is Calvin Chambers, 27, of Littleton.

Chambers was issued a court summons for two misdemeanor offenses of criminal mischief and reckless endangerment.

The second suspect will be issued a court summons in the coming days.

JeffCo Sheriff’s officials said incidents like this are not unusual but for the first time, two suspects face charges.

5 thoughts on “Thumb Tacks Suspects Identified

  1. Reckless endangerment for certain. One flat tire could be seriously dangerous-thank goodness no one has been hurt. Unfortunately, this has been commonplace for years. Maybe finally with some accountability it will stop. The extra few seconds a motorist has to wait to pass is not worth anyones’ lives. And cyclists, please be polite. We should all be sharing the road.

  2. i just don’t get the hate and malicious acts that motorists attempt against the cycling community…seriously you’d think we were the taliban. rape and pillaging the community. we are just people on bikes having fun, getting some more and no less.and hardly a threat to ANYONE…..It is people like this turd that prove that both ignorance and stupidity cannot be faked…

    that said, if you are motorist looking to commit a nefarious act against a cyclist, ask yourself this (if you have the brain capacity to do such a thing)….What if that cyclist is my friend, my neighbor, my sister/brother, or girlfriend/boyfriend’s brother or sister. Or what if that cyclist is my Dad or Mother….are you still going to attempt to harm them. Please don’t! There is no reason/justification on this planet to do such a thing. So please refrain….

  3. I’m a biker and I lived in a house that required going up that road. A few seconds? Hardly!!! Do you think these guys would be this upset over a few seconds? I hope they get the book thrown at them, but I also hope you guys stop thinking only of yourselves and start to self police the situation.

    1. Jeff, should I expect you to start policing other drivers? Can I blame you for other drivers’ DUIs? Or do you just hold others to a higher standard than yourself?

      1. “Do you think these guys would be this upset over a few seconds?”

        I’ve had people yell and throw things at me while I’m riding in a bike lane on an otherwise empty road. People get angry at cyclists when we’re not “impeding” them in any way whatsoever.

        Should I be upset with drivers who make me slow down while I’m descending on my bike?

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