The Real Life of a Shred Girl

by Molly H


Real Life Shred Girl Isabella Macarelli Talks Pushing Limits on the Mountain Bike


MTBer Isabella Macarelli is rad — she’s been riding bikes about as long as she’s been talking, and here, she tells us all about how she pushes to her limits to make strides in her riding and racing — with the help of her teammates, of course!

When did you start riding bikes?

I have literally been riding bikes ever since I can remember. Some of my earliest memories are the rides we used to do. I think that my early introduction to riding is part of why I have found such a passion for it now.

Do you ride with your (super rad) mom, or have you started mostly training with the team?

Often my parents are busy, so most of my training takes place with the team, or when I ride by myself.

What was your favorite part? What was the hardest part?

My favorite part of mountain biking is pushing myself to the limit. I love seeing how hard I can work, and what I can achieve when I set my mind to the hillclimb, or downhill section. I love seeing my progress throughout the season, and when I start seeing my hard work pay off (this, of course, is right alongside my amazing teammates). Another thing I love about mountain biking is mastering a specific skill or obstacle. The feeling that accompanies riding a really challenging rocky section, or making it up a super steep hill is like no other. The hardest part of mountain biking for me is definitely the races. When I race, I give 100% effort. The girls in my category are so fast, to place well I have to practically sprint for the whole hour and fifteen minutes!! However, seeing my teammates and coaches and parents cheering me on at the finish makes all the hard work worth it.

How did you find your HS MTB team? What made you choose to focus on MTB, or have you totally focused?

I have been mountain biking and racing cross for a very long time, so when I found out Golden had a mtb team, I was interested. However, last year, (my freshman year) I played volleyball instead. It was fun, but there were some things I didn’t enjoy about playing at Golden. This summer, I had to start thinking about which one I would choose. The decision between mountain biking and volleyball was very difficult because I love doing both. However, I ended up choosing mountain biking, and every day I am happy I made that decision.


Isabella at the State Championships Race, Durango Mesa Pursuit, 2018



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