The Cranksgiving “race” event where everybody wins!

Photos courtesy Boulder Cycle Sport

By Lauren Greenfield

Grab the kids, the townie bike, $20 and spend a few hours providing food for those less fortunate!

It’s a win-win and might just be the BEST you’ll ever feel about spending time in the saddle.  Cranksgiving is in its sixth year in Boulder.  Offered by Cycle Sport out of it’s Table Mesa shop, this community event encourages riders of all ages and abilities to grab a bike, grab a grocery list and GO!

What? A grocery list? 

Among Cycle Sports key values are:

  • giving back to the Community
  • getting more people on bicycles!

Cranksgiving is a scavenger hunt of sorts, combining riding with navigating and collecting food for those less fortunate during this holiday time of year.  Each participant/team is provided with two lists at the start.  A list of five Boulder grocery stores and a list of the most needed food items in Boulder County.  Each participant/team must navigate their way around Boulder (on bicycle) and purchase at least one of the items from each of fiver grocery stores.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect for my first one (2016) but they were all there.  Costumes, vintage bikes, families,  do gooders, spandex, carbon bikes with Di2; there wasn’t much missing in the category of “bikes” or bicycle enthusiasts.  Only two things were needed: about $20 and a way to carry your goods.  The objective: to successfully ride bikes to all five designated grocery stores and to purchase the list of ingredients and return, with receipts and goods to Cycle Sport.  The food would all go to EFAA, ultimately getting to those in need.  

Benefit to you? Navitgating your way through Boulder on a bike  Enter the raffle for opportunity to win cool prizes from supportive and generous sponsors.  An opportunity to participate in a FUN community bicycle event that encourages every kind of riding!  Benefit to Community?  HUGE!  

For you who can’t jump on the bike without a little competition, grab your friends and compete – who knows Boulder best?  Who will make it back first with all ingredients (and buy the first round?)  Who carried the most food?

Emergency Family Assistance  Association provides a list of the “most needed” goods to Cycle Sport to come up with “the list.”  In years past, as many as 600 pounds of food/goods are collected through Cycle Sport’s Cranksgiving efforts.  It only costs you about $20 . . . and not only did you get a ride in with the fam and friends but you feel much better about spending those $20 on food for the needy than a couple of (extra) beers (you can do that too!).

What to bring? Any bike will do -I witnessed high end roadies on carbon clicking in and out, the classic vintage rides, and buggies with kids adorned with sound systems, snacks and full red carpet treatments!  A backpack, panniers, or your preferred method of carrying groceries.  Don’t forget a lock to ensure your ride is still there.  And about $20.00

For registration (FREE)  and details


Cycle Sport 

629 South Broadway #k

Boulder, CO 80305

Sun, November 26, 2017

12:30 PM – 3:30 PM MST

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