Take a Ride with Sacred Rides

by Cheri Felix

“Mountain biking is a force for good.” If this is one of the guiding principles of the company you hire to show you a good time on the bike, then you know you’ve made the right choice. Sacred Rides wants to make it easy for you to get out, have a great experience and be pampered a bit (they pack snacks for you. Yes, like when you were a kid). I’m a big fan of hiring a guide. I’ve hired guides for mountain biking (yes, even me), canyoneering, kayaking (big fail. I can’t paddle) and climbing.

In fact, we just hired a guide last week. We have gear, we know how to climb but we wanted to squeeze every last bit out of our time. And that brings me to you and to Sacred Rides. Have friends or colleagues coming into town who like to ride? Why not let someone else make it all hearts, flowers and unicorns? You might be thinking, “I can do it. I know where to ride. I can look at a map. I have map – my – whatever.” But it’s kind of like cooking. Many of us can cook and some of us love to cook. Some of us are even quite good at it. But, sometimes it’s nice to go out for a meal. Let someone else come up with the concept, plate it and clean up afterwards. That’s what it’s like to hire Sacred Rides. Let someone else plan it and pack your gourmet lunch. When DOESN’T that sound like a good idea.

If you’re coming into town and want to spend a half day or even have two days to ride, Lauren can craft the perfect experience for you. Or maybe you’re in charge of entertaining the client. Maybe you’re in charge of your BFF’s bachelorette party and a night of doing shots isn’t going to cut it. Do something different! Want to add on a massage afterwards or sip a local craft beer? Lauren’s got you covered. Want to ride hard up a canyon or ride gravel or meander or ride the gnar gnar? They have you covered. Seriously. It’s like a well crafted word problem; there’s an answer for what you want. Sacred Rides specializes in giving you what you want. And don’t worry, there’s a ride for any skill or fitness level.

“It’s the religion of mountain biking.” For some of us mountain biking is a religion. We have faith it will all work out. We have faith we will get stronger. We have faith the world will be better off when we finish the ride than when we started. And wouldn’t it be nice to let someone handle the details? To make sure it’s a happy ending? Hiring a guide for mountain biking is like choosing a new friend; lots of variables so check out their website. Drop into an already planned ride or makeup your own. Either way, let Sacred Rides handle the details.

Happy trails!

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