• SPOKE: Becky Furuta on Bikes, and Life – Keep the Balance

    Submitted by 303cycling on February 4th, 2018

    By Becky Furuta “Keep the balance. Time doesn’t wait for you to finish your dreams. Your kids won’t, either.” Tom Campbell, former mechanic at Team Novo Nordisk It was freezing cold for Nashville, TN. I sat on the team bus alongside five other riders, all of us wishing we had known just how miserable theRead More

    • SPOKE: Becky Furuta on Bikes, and Life – Today is my Favorite Day

      Submitted by 303cycling on January 21st, 2018

      A ride down memory lane. A beginning-of-the-week thought, brought to you by Becky Furuta “Today is my favorite day.” 6 year old girl, shaking my hand at Tulsa Tough, Tulsa, Oklahoma Every moment, we have a thousand thoughts floating through our heads, and many of them are negative or limiting. You don’t have to believeRead More

      • Women’s Wednesday: Ending the Season

        Submitted by 303cycling on January 3rd, 2018

        By Becky Furuta The cab driver was visibly annoyed. The roads were so thick with cars and scooters, people and bicycles, that one could hardly see the charcoal tarmac of the city street below. He clearly conveyed that making a U-turn to access the other side of the avenue would be a near impossibility, andRead More

        • SPOKE: Becky Furuta on Bikes, and Life – Denmark

          Submitted by 303cycling on January 1st, 2018

          A ride down memory lane. By Becky Furuta “My strength doesn’t come from the weakness of another.” Jerome Saydee, Economics Student in West Liberia, at a global conference Copenhagen, Denmark Some people feel uncomfortable if they are not the richest, strongest or most intelligent person in the room. Worse, there are those who will bringRead More

          • Women’s Wednesday: Becky Furuta on Cycling through Grief

            Submitted by 303cycling on December 20th, 2017

            By Becky Furuta Under the circumstances, the frosting-like scent of powdered sugar and vanilla was almost putrid. I felt my stomach lurch ever so slightly as I made my way toward a row of merengues and colorful French macarons, illuminated under the silky glass of a pastry case like fish swimming in an aquarium. ARead More

            • Ladies! Satisfy Your Cross Curiosity at School Yard Cross!

              Submitted by 303cycling on October 13th, 2017

              By Khem Suthiwan What is this cyclocross business all about?? Heckling…yes! Oodles of fun…yes! Super supportive environment…yes! It’s also a great way to throw in some variety to your training and racing. On Wednesday, October 18th starting at 4:15pm, you’ll have the opportunity to learn CX skills from local professional female coaches during the Women’sRead More

              • Becky Furuta on Body Image – You’re only “too heavy” if you let your fears weigh you down.

                Submitted by 303cycling on June 1st, 2017

                By Novo Nordisk Pro Cyclist Becky Furuta Walking into Primal Wear Headquarters in Cherry Creek a month ago to talk to a room full of women about cycling and nutrition, I was reminded that there is never a moment in the life of a woman when “size” and “shape” cease to be relevant. I entertainedRead More

                • GiddyUP! Film Tour in Boulder Thursday

                  Submitted by 303cycling on April 10th, 2017

                  By Cheri Felix This Thursday, here in Boulder, we have such a cool opportunity: the GiddyUP! Film Tour will be playing at The Dairy Center. Festivities start at 7:00, but you’ll want to get there a bit early to grab a drink, schmooze and jockey for the best place in line. I asked Dan FarrellRead More