• 3 Easy Ways to Speed Up Recovery

    Submitted by 303cycling on July 10th, 2018

    Foam rolling is a great way to speed recovery. Kneading your muscles after a hard workout can ease soreness by breaking up adhesions (tight knots of connective tissue) and enhancing bloodflow. But a foam roller is just one of many tools you can use before, after, or between workouts to boost your mobility and fast-track your recovery. Here are three other options you’ve probably never considered. Read more

    • Women’s Wednesday: Netflix & Red Vines – Coming back from Injury

      Submitted by 303cycling on April 18th, 2018

      I love when you tell a friend, “I had an intimate relationship with a bag of Redvines last week” and she doesn’t even ask for clarification. She just knows. Read more

      • Holiday Gift Guide: Footbeat: A New Way to Recover

        Submitted by 303cycling on December 14th, 2017

        By Alison Freeman

        If you’re like most of us – getting older but convinced you can get faster and beat the pants off your younger self – then you know how important recovery is to your training. Meet Footbeat: a pair of moccasins that house an insole that houses a little engine-driven bubble, which compresses your arch which then increases circulation and therefore removes metabolic waste – including lactate, which is also known as: the reason your legs feel like crap. Tiny little engine, big freakin’ deal. Read more

        • Ice baths don’t work for recovery, study finds

          Submitted by 303cycling on November 14th, 2017

          From Bike Radar
          After a long, hard ride, what sounds better — a hot shower or submerging yourself in a bath tub full of ice?  Read more

          • Make REST a Priority for 2017

            Submitted by 303cycling on January 4th, 2017

            Up at 5 in the morning? Tried it! Daily workouts? Yep. Paleo, bulletproof, gluten-free, cold showers? Check. Build a business, start a side hustle, dominate Twitter, Instagram and Facebook? Yeah, all that too! Make my family a priority? Of course. Serve in my community? Definitely. Read more