• Car Ticketed for Driving on Bike Path

    Submitted by 303cycling on July 11th, 2018

    A Boulder County sheriff’s deputy ticketed a 58-year-old woman Monday after catching her driving her car on the paved bike path alongside the Boulder-bound lanes of U.S. 36 on Davidson Mesa. Read more

    • How the Newspaper Learns About Bike Crashes

      Submitted by 303cycling on May 14th, 2018

      Be skeptical of crash reports in local newspapers. The police officer giving the journalist a quote is often sitting in an office miles away from the crash scene. He or she is only getting second information from the on-scene officer who has yet to complete an investigation. Read more

      • Cyclist Mara Abbott proposes a “Deal” with Winter Motorists in Daily Camera Commentary

        Submitted by 303cycling on February 9th, 2018

        Recognizing “sub-par snow removal,” and other cold-weather hazards, former pro and Olympic cyclist Mara Abbott
        makes a strong case for agreeing to just get along: Read more

        • Driver charged in October crash with cyclist in Superior

          Submitted by 303cycling on December 8th, 2017

          The Boulder County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday announced its decision to charge a driver in a crash with a cyclist in Superior on Oct. 20. Read more

          • Bicycle Accident

            Submitted by David on June 16th, 2008

            With all the talk about bicycle safety lately it was very sad to hear about the accident that occurred on North Broadway last weekend. I have always thought that that intersection was bad/confusing and with the speed of traffic and the number of cyclists that start there rides near this intersection a accident was bound to happen. Here is the article of the Daily Camera. Very very sad. Read more

            • Heil Valley Ranch to Hall Ranch Trail Status

              Submitted by Kris Thompson on May 21st, 2008

              The Daily Camera has an article today regarding the status of this new trail. From the article it is full steam ahead and it’s looking like sometime this fall Front Range mountain bikers will have a new trail to enjoy. Read more