• Intro to Cyclocross Episode Six – Pony Up at Primalpalooza

    Submitted by 303cycling on October 16th, 2017

    After a month of Back to Basics CX, I figured it was time to pony up, put on my big girl panties, and line up for a big kid cyclocross race. Read more

    • Ladies! Satisfy Your Cross Curiosity at School Yard Cross!

      Submitted by 303cycling on October 13th, 2017

      By Khem Suthiwan What is this cyclocross business all about?? Heckling…yes! Oodles of fun…yes! Super supportive environment…yes! It’s also a great way to throw in some variety to your training and racing. On Wednesday, October 18th starting at 4:15pm, you’llRead More

      • No Shoes, No Socks, No Service: Cheri Felix says even on “off” days, it’s good to ride around in circles

        Submitted by 303cycling on October 13th, 2017

        A Sunday or so ago I woke up feeling like I’d spent the night at a fraternity and a sorority. I was so bone tired that I wouldn’t have been able to do a walk of shame. Okay, maybe it wasn’t that bad but it was bad. Every once in awhile, when the moon is just so and the tides are low and hormonal balance is just right (which is to say about every 4-5 months), I wake up feeling awful.  Read more

        • Women’s Wednesday – Women In Sport Enrichment (WISE)

          Submitted by 303cycling on October 4th, 2017

          Written by Cheri Felix

          Ann Trombley believes in helping women to excel in their sport which is why she created WISE (Women in Sports Enrichment). Ann is building on her own experience as an athlete and hopes to encourage women to continue to show up and line up. Ann came up with WISE because she believes when the financial stress is alleviated, women and girls can focus on training and competition. Read more

          • Weekend Preview: Welcome Fall

            Submitted by 303cycling on September 21st, 2017

            It’s officially Fall! Seasons are changing and cyclocross and Oktoberfests are on the rise.
            Have a great weekend! Read more

            • Intro to Cyclocross Episode Five – Back 2 Basics CX

              Submitted by 303cycling on September 18th, 2017

              Don’t let the name of this race series fool you. It most certainly misrepresents how much it can test your bike handling skills. There is definitely nothing “basic” about B2BCX. Tight turns, loose dirt, sand pit, sharp sweeping turns at the bottom of steep downhills, cambers, stairs, barriers…so many CX skills packed into one course. Read more

              • Women’s Wednesday – Cyclocross Racing: The Cross of Life

                Submitted by 303cycling on September 13th, 2017

                I’ve buried two parents and survived worse things. There’s no race I can’t get through. That’s not to say that life doesn’t have more curve balls for me. Of course it does. And by now you’re either wondering if this is a metaphor or if,å like Dorothy, this has all been a dream. And I’ve proved to myself that my pain and suffering is entirely temporary and every time I suffer through something whether it’s a race or a death or finding out my dad wasn’t my bio dad after all, that’s when this muscle memory I have seems to get stronger.  Read more

                • 2017-18 EVOL DevoElite Cyclocross Team And Sponsors Announced

                  Submitted by 303cycling on September 7th, 2017

                  The EVOL DevoElite Cyclocross Team is excited to announce the return of its Under-23 development cyclocross team along with its roster of Elite and Master’s level racers based out of Boulder, Colorado. Launched initially in 2011 to support Elite level racing, and more recently having focused on supporting a women’s elite team, the program expanded last year to provide a home to up and coming Under-23 riders Maxx Chance, Ian McPherson and Eric Brunner. The program continues its U23 focus this year with the addition of Denzel Stephenson, a multi-time, multi-discipline Junior national champion, with Ian McPherson graduating to the Elite program. Read more

                  • Getting Started in Cyclocross Racing: Episode Four – First CX Race!

                    Submitted by 303cycling on September 6th, 2017

                    December 31, 2016 – One word described how I felt going into my first race…terrified. A few weeks prior, Clint suggested I come out to the WeAreButter Private Parts CX race and just preview the course for practice. The race was located on Michael Robson’s property just north of Boulder. Michael is a well-known fixture in the cross community has hosted this fun showcase of cyclocross for several years. It came about to provide an opportunity for riders training for CX nationals to get one last throw down under their belt. Read more

                    • Gold Rush Bike Rally, Nuggets Full of Fun!!

                      Submitted by 303cycling on August 29th, 2017

                      Road, MTB, Cyclocross. With so many choices of riding modalities in the state of Colorado, some days it’s hard to choose which one to do. The Oskar Blues Gold Rush Bike Rally packs all that into one race…sort of. Read more