• Snow and Cold and National Champions Race at School Yard Cross

    Submitted by Bill Plock on October 26th, 2020

    The worst weather brought out some of the best cyclocross racers yesterday in Castle Rock. Maybe the saying when the going gets tough, the tough get going applied well.

    Reigning U23 National Champion Eric Brunner raced in the mens open division and when asked about his win with the widest margin of any category he said, “The open men have the longest race so naturally gaps will be a bit bigger just because there is more time to develop gaps. Yesterday my goal was just to race as hard as I could, go out aggressively from the start, stay smooth through the technical sections and go full gas every time there was a long straightaway or hill. Read more

    • New Weekly Cyclocross Series in Louisville

      Submitted by Bill Plock on September 14th, 2020

      There is a new CX training series taking place on Thursday afternoons at the famous Bowl of Death course in Louisville, CO. The events start Thursday, September 17th and go for a total of 5 weeks. This is going to be a fun and very unique training opportunity. Read more