• Colorado Classic To Feature Only Women Pro cyclists in 2019

    Submitted by Kim Welk on December 11th, 2018

    2019 Colorado Classic Becomes Women’s-Only Pro Cycling RaceThe 2019 Colorado Classic, August 22-25, will be the only UCI standalone women’s stage race in the Western hemisphere; raising the bar with quadrupled prize purse, team stipends, live streaming and longer, more challenging routes(DENVER, CO—DECEMBER 11, 2018)​​— The 2019 ​Colorado Classic​ will become the only women’s stand-aloneRead More

    • Colorado Classic Recap

      Submitted by Alison Freeman on August 31st, 2018

      Years ago, I was in love with something that didn’t love me back. I’d spent years sitting on wheels, getting spat out the back of races anytime the power cranked past my limit, watching younger riders blow past. I was falling out of love with cycling. A week earlier, I had shown up at the Bannock Street Crit with no desire left to put myself in the “hurt box,” and it showed. I raced so half-heartedly that my long-time friend and cycling photographer, Ryan Muncy, approached me and asked, Are you still having fun? Read more

      • Host Housing Sought for Colorado Classic Women’s Pro Teams

        Submitted by Amy on June 20th, 2017

        Host housing for the Colorado Classic women’s race needed! Since the races are in Colorado Springs, Breckenridge (Aug. 10 & 11) and Denver (Friday, evening, Aug. 11 and Saturday evening, Aug. 12) teams could base in either Colorado Springs or Denver. Read more