• VeloSwap

    Submitted by 303cycling on October 10th, 2018

    Denver   VeloSwap is an annual event with 10,000+ attendees and 600+ vendors at the National Western Complex in Denver, Colorado. Every year attendees snap up deals from hundreds of vendors selling bikes, parts, clothing and accessories. Since 1989, this citizen marketplace continues to evolve—welcoming, connecting and inspiring members of the cycling community, old andRead More

    • For Some Girls, Empowerment Comes With Two Wheels and a Helmet

      Submitted by Kim Welk on September 19th, 2018

      NEWARK — The training wheels were off. The young woman with a bright smile and golden sunglasses told Kaneisha Marable she didn’t need them. The little girl believed her. Kaneisha pedaled a wobbly path up the block beside Lincoln Park. House music thumped from the stage to her left, a festival underway, but the 8-year-oldRead More

      • Ball Sports are Overrated. Get Your Kid Biking Instead.

        Submitted by 303cycling on July 2nd, 2018

        Things are different today. Letting your kids run around and be kids is called “free-range parenting” and fraught with controversy. It seems like they can’t even kick a ball around together unless you lease a minivan and enroll them in a soccer league first. And forget cycling unaccompanied; even riding with your kids is increasingly difficult in many places. Decades of mounting traffic and increasing sprawl means you’re either confined to the cul-de-sal or else forced to undertake a lengthy car journey in order to do a multigenerational ride.   Read more

        • The Vehicle of the Future Has Two Wheels, Handlebars, and Is a Bike

          Submitted by 303cycling on May 22nd, 2018

          From Wired What’s the shiniest, most exciting new technology for transportation? Well, there are plenty of candidates!

          • UPDATE: 35-year-old Cyclist Dies after Collision with Car at 63rd and Jay

            Submitted by 303cycling on March 12th, 2018

            The Daily Camera printed an updated article with more information from the on site investigators late Monday night.  “Colorado State Patrol investigators say likely occurred when he turned left in front of an oncoming vehicle.” Read more

            • Apply Now: Service Lead Opening at Non-profit Bike Shop

              Submitted by 303cycling on March 9th, 2018

              Work for a nonprofit community bike shop that puts people on bikes and gives them the skills to keep them rolling! Bikes Together is seeking an experienced bike mechanic/service manager to serve as our full-time Service Lead at our Park Hill location. In this role you will be the hub of the shop, providing fixRead More

              • SPOKE: You Never Know When the Last Moments Will Be

                Submitted by 303cycling on March 4th, 2018

                By Becky Furuta “You never know when the last moments will be, so you have to be present for them all.” Callie Halls, best host housing ever, St. Louis, MO Driving to the Halls’ house was like driving to the home I never had. It was a beautiful, lemon-yellow house on a tree-lined street withRead More

                • Women’s Wednesday: Things you never knew about pro cyclist Cari Higgins and MTB Champ Becky Batizy

                  Submitted by 303cycling on February 28th, 2018

                  It’s February in Colorado, which means we just rode 4 hours in shorts and short sleeve jerseys, and now we sit in a coffee shop watching the snow dump! 303cycling asked former pro cyclist Cari Higgins and MTB State Champ Becky Batizy a few cycling and “non-cycling” questions to get to know them and learn moreRead More

                  • SPOKE: Becky Furuta on Bikes, and Life – Entitlement

                    Submitted by 303cycling on February 18th, 2018

                    By Becky Furuta A great burden is lifted in sport and in life when you come to the realization that no one owes you anything at all. Athletes, by definition, have a competitive spirit. It’s why we do what we do. It’s the reason I am on the bike trainer at 4am, in the silentRead More