Strava opening Denver Office

Governor Hickenlooper, James Quarles, and Eric Hiragana

By Bill Plock

For Strava, Denver is now a KOM, or since Denver is the Queen City, perhaps QOM is more appropriate. Today Strava CEO, James Quarles, Governor John Hickenlooper, and Denver’s Executive Director of Economic Development Eric Hiragana made the announcement that Strava will open an office in Denver.

The announcement comes on the eve of the first ever Outdoor Retailer Show in Denver which opens tomorrow (note that Strava also tracks; hiking, skiing, and paddling along with 31 total disciplines). This is a big deal, not in terms of numbers of jobs added, like an Amazon location would do, but in terms of recognizing the culture of Denver and Colorado that fosters creativity for a company that is a cultural icon in the endurance/cycling world.

Governor John Hickenlooper at Strava’s Denver office opening

Said Governor Hickenlooper, “Strava will have access to a highly educated and energetic workforce. Colorado shares their values and is dedicated to protecting our outdoors and ensuring opportunities for all to to live a healthy lifestyle.”

Think about the impact Strava has had on cycling. How many company’s name become verbs in our culture? FedEx, Facebook, and Google come to mind to be sure. How many of your friends “Strava” rides? Worry about their place on the leaderboard on notorious climbs like Lookout Mountain? How many kudos do you get for a good effort on a ride? Strava, keeps us a bit accountable and gives us a place to have a little fun and recognize good efforts and poke fun at bad ones.

Strava CEO – James Quarles

Strava entered the scene in 2009 and quickly reset the socialization of recording and commenting on athletic endeavors–starting with cycling. What a lot of people may not realize, is not only does Strava provide a social media platform, it also houses infinite amounts of data that is shared with transportation planning officials. It has become a valuable tool for city planners in developing cycling infrastructure. Planners can see how popular certain roads and trails are to help them with future road and path development and repavng projects. Last year, the Colorado Department of Transportation purchased a license that allows municipalities to access this valuable data for local development.

Athletes share over 1.3 million activities per day spanning 31 different activities. Strava adds on million new members every 40 days.

With the abundance of talent in Denver, we know it’s a perfect fit for our mission and team, says James Quarles, Strava CEO. “Colorado is a a magnet for tech companies and active people because of its progressive approach to city planning and the outdoor. We’re excited about this next stage for Strava’s expansion.


Luis Benitez – Director of Colorado Outdoor Recreation Industry Office

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  1. Alison

    Where is it?

  2. Bill Plock

    They are utilizing a space at Galvanize.


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