Shawn Ferrell, “Closest Thing to Sitting in Captain’s Chair of the Enterprise”

Executive Director of the Bike Racing Association of Colorado (BRAC), Shawn Ferrell, joined 303 Garage Talks this past week. He offered his views on the current state of racing in Colorado and some visions of the future of BRAC.

But we also learned more about Shawn and stories from being an official for major professional bike races in 44 countries. When asked about what he loves about officiating, he says when commandeering a race vehicle leading all these cars through the crowds of spectators, and coordinating communications with hand radios standing out of a sunroof of a super fast car driven by some 18 year old Italian kid having the time of his life, “It’s the closest thing to sitting in the Captains Chair of the Enterprise.”

There are more stories and his thoughts on being the lead official at last years Colorado Classic. He recounts one of his favorite race memories at the all women Ore-Ida Challenge many years ago where they set up the most unique time trial he had ever seen.

Have a watch and learn some things about racing, Shawn and cycling. 28 minutes long.

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