Service Excellence Associate: Bike Shop Girl

We are looking to build a different type of bike shop.

On one side you have the consumer-facing where we are focused on the “interested but concerned” rider. These are families, kids, and people looking to replace short trips by bike. They also may be the baby boomers excited to try e-bikes to be able to bike again or daily commuters looking for their city shop. These last two demographics aren’t our focus at first but we will certainly earn their loyalty as we are building a friendly and inviting customer experience.

On the other side is the business of bikes. We are building a bike shop that is career minded, offering competitive pay and benefits. All full-time employees will be salary, receive 1/2 of their insurance paid for, and 2 weeks of vacation. We are building a sales/service training system in hopes to advance our staff but also the bike industry. Our hopes are to create a shop that people want to stay in AND training to help people that aren’t from the bike industry get started and thrive.

Currently, we are looking for 1-2 service focused individuals and 1 sales focused. We will offer training and apprenticeship for the right people not from the bike shop world. Full or part-time, we are open to doing what we need to make it work for the right person.

We are looking to build a diverse team to help us create a family and transportation-focused bike shop in NE Denver. Our ideal teammates have a customer first personality, love helping “interested but concerned” people fall in love with bikes, an “I can help” attitude, and a love for children is a plus. Some of our guiding principles include, “If Mr. Rogers had a bike shop, it’s this one”, “Bike More Worry Less”, “No Mansplaining”.

You can learn more about us here:

If you are excited about our mission and goals, please proceed.

What We Offer:
• The opportunity to help build a best of class family and transportation bike shop
• Sales and service training no matter your experience
• Competitive compensation package
• Rewarding work environment
• Industry discounts on outdoor equipment and apparel
• Tremendous growth potential with training milestones

If this is something that excites you, you can find our job application here

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