SchoolYard Cross – A Day Full of Fun

It was a perfect fall day at SchoolYard Cross. Many junior cyclocross racers and first-timers came out to tackle the fun and spectator friendly course on the campus of the Alexander Dawson School in Lafayette.

This race benefitted Boulder Junior Cycling as well as the Dawson School. In its eighth year, this event is known for being extremely family friendly with a bake sale, pumpkin decorating station, and apple cider press powered by a tandem bike.

Race director Clint Bickmore was gracious to do a short interview with Richard Soares of Mile High Endurance Podcast. Download the podcast here.

Check out this great video showcasing the day.

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  1. John

    What an awesome race and event. Looks like the number came out in support. Well done on a good weekend and outdoing the WOL cookie cutter system.

    • Sam

      I am having the same feelings. I am tired of the same old thing.
      I am loving the variety of BARP and COTN.
      WOL has been doing the same old program at the same old places offering the same old thing. Road and CX are having the same issue. Sure, WOL has some of the bigger notable road events but they aren’t any better run than the other races. Look at what has happened this year. US OPEN was poorly maintained. Parker crit was just controversy with Cat 5 Champ BS and outright stolen.

      • Mike

        outright stolen????? enlighten us Samwise because my friend works in Parker’s permitting department and I don’t think you’d like that factual story.

        • Dick

          Good ahead…tell the “real” story.

      • Josh

        Loved both Schoolyard and Flatirons. Hated the COTN course, but it’s like ice-cream flavors, some you like and some you don’t. Didn’t like BARP cancelling a race 3 weeks prior or the super slow results at the first BARP event, so anonymously burn me at the stake but I’ve had a blast at races like Schoolyard, AmyD, Flatirons, and Harlow Platts which was my personal favorite this year.

        • Jose'

          WOL cancelled and changed more races than anyone this year. With less notice too.
          Really, a 3 week notice that a race was cancelled….you weren’t even registered to race like the rest of Colorado

  2. positive

    so right, I’ll take the probability of a cancelled BARP race, the way too technical COTN course over the “old” fun cyclo x venues like bowl of death and Harlow Platts. No one wants lap splits, fast registration, and lower entry fees with 5 pack offerings. But at least they have awesome free beef jerky and clif bars for everyone. As a community were so negative on this forum it’s sickening, then we wonder why new athletes want no part of a sport that was once all about fun. As for me I’ll be wearing my costume this Sunday on the “old” Interlocken course because it’s fun.

  3. enough of this garbage

    WOL has done nothing for us this year except start new road races like Oz, Hygeine TT, Niwot Circuit, and Parker Crit, and new cross races like Rueter Hess and Harlow Platts. Damn them for their “old program” damn them. Good thing president gordon is giving us change we can all believe in. Go race your bike, have fun, and be thankful for directors willing to take chances on risky financial races.

  4. Chicken Little

    Complaining about the race venues, the promoters, the courses, all SOP for Colorado CX racers. I’m surprised someone hasn’t complained that our season has been dry and dusty almost every weekend, so mother nature hates us too.

    WOL does a good job putting together races and venues. I was excited that they scaled back the number of CX races they put on to allow other races in other areas to pop up, and BARP has done a good job filling in the gaps for races south of i70 *and* using new venues. COTN has *always* had technical features to push the envelope, and I’ll be sad to see it go even though I crashed there at least once every year. Even CoS is getting back into the game this year with a non-USAC/non-BRAC race (that could develop into a series with enough participation.

    We have races both days almost every weekend from late August through to states in December. This is horrible. CX is dying. Sell your bikes now!!!

    • $50 day of

      I would like to see the low budget race come back. What else besides cyclocross races costs more than a dollar a minute? 1-900
      Shout out to Andy Rosen for the Mead series in the dark ages of jalopy cyclocross bikes. Why does Wyoming have the only ten dollar, no license needed race series. My BRAC sticker says CO WY but their flyer says, ” We don’t need no stinking license”.

      Back to the bring your own number days!

      • Chicken Little

        The Colorado Springs race has $20 races for adults, $10 for kids. Not quite $10, but no license needed and no BRAC fees.

      • Jose'

        So you want cheap underground races. Fine but what does $10 get you.

        The race is certainly not adequately insured. The racer and event director would be screwed if anything happened. Smart people don’t take that chance when they put on public events.

        The standards will be low and any rules are just gentleman agreements.

        $10 doesn’t cover any venue rental so you have to have a rich uncle that owns some farm land or parking lot. Who wants to do parking lot crits away?

        Results……just chose a number when you are done or your buddy recorded a sprint on their tablet.

        I have done a lot of races like this and they do have their place.

      • Think before you speak

        That’s easy, look at triathlon people are paying $125 for a sprint tri that they race in less than an hour. A Half ironman is upwards of $300 for 4-5 hours.
        From my calculations a $35 entry for 45 minutes equates to less than that.
        Even at $50 you’re still under those other bike related sports.

  5. Not so sure

    there are some that would say that racing CX in August is a bad thing.

    And, yes, I realize that numbers are high for the early races. The numbers would be high for “early” races even if we redesignate “early” as Oct 1. Maybe higher. And, the numbers would likely be higher for the later races, too.

    • Joe

      I think CX racing in August is a bad thing for me. Don’t care if it is for anyone else. Frankly next year I’m not even racing CX until Oct. 1 at the earliest. It’s Oct. 27 and I’m burned out on CX racing already…..much less keeping going until Dec. 15 for States and then god forbid nationals in January?… That is a 5 month long CX racing season. I missed some great MTB riding in October because I was doing some CX races. Wish I was in Fruita, not a dust bowl in COTN.

      • John

        Maybe you should plan your season better? I wouldn’t blame your personal burnout on a calendar full of events to choose from.


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