Schoolyard Cross clinic goes big


This past Wednesday, women CX’ers had an opportunity to attend a rockin’ clinic at Dawson School. The turnout was over 50 women, with 20ish brand new crossers, all of whom are coming out to try their first cross race tomorrow (October 21st). Way, way, cool! Thank you so much to everyone who made this happen, Clint, Lina, Pete Webber, Boulder Junior Cycling, Boulder Cycle Sport, Dawson School, Goddess Garden, Great Divide Brewery, and all the great coaches who donated their time. Kristal Boni, Caitlyn Vestal, Melissa Barker, Melanie Carter and the junior coaches Tea, Taylor, Kate & Reagan. USA Cycling also provided financial support for the clinic, and BRAC is going to offset the costs for the newbie women that come out tomorrow. Now that they have practiced, we imagine the women’s fields will be huge at Schoolyard Cross.

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