SBT GRVL Race Delivered, A Race, A Ride and Fun!

Amanda Knutson

By Bill Plock

Top age grouper, Amanda Knutson when asked about the race said, “An extremely well organized event with enthusiast volunteers & generous sponsors! SBT showcased Steamboat’s best gravel roads that were both challenging & breathtaking. Thrilled to have it back again next year – it’s an event you don’t want to miss!”

Somehow the organizers, Amy Charity, Ken Benesh, and Mark Satkiewicz created an atmosphere that welcomed fast, international racers, who raced for some impressive prize money combining it with a festival type atmosphere found at more casual, challenging rides like the Triple Bypass or Cooper Triangle.

Khem with Orli Chinea of Blue Competition Cycles

Khem Suthiwan, echoing Amanda’s comments saying, “You would never know this was an inaugural event. The race staff, volunteers, sponsors – all amazing and welcome. The giveaways were generous, porto potties plentiful, and aid stations totally stocked. The vibe was like a big party/festival with people celebrating their love of cycling. I’ll definitely do it again next year!!!

First place for the pro’s (men and women) took home $5,000 and top age group amateurs took home $300. About 1,500 people started this inaugural race featuring three choices of distance (Green 37, Blue 100, Black 141) on some of Steamboat’s finest roads.

The Blue (100 mile) finish was particularly close with 2nd, 3rd and 4th place men decided by four seconds and the first place female came in only six seconds later.

The top results: All results can be found HERE

Black course (men top three, women top three)

  • Ted King, 36, Richmond VT, 6:34:50
  • Payson McElveen, 26, Durango, 6:36:11
  • Jacob Rathe, 28, Portland OR, 6:37:35
  • Brodie Chapman, 28, Spain, 6:56:40
  • Lauren Stephens, 32, Dallas, 6:59:18
  • Sarah Sturm, 29, Durango, 7:13:48

Blue Course (men top three, women top three)

  • Gary Holt, 46, Littleton, CO, 4:57:58
  • Colin Daniels, 37, Boulder, CO 4:59:30
  • Josh Whitney, 38, Loveland, CO 4:59:32
  • Ella Harris, 21, New Zealand, 4:59:40
  • Tiffany Cromwell, 21, France, 5:06.00
  • Sunny Gilbert, 40, Louisville, CO 5:08

Green Course (men top three, women top three)

  • Jacob Peterson, 24, Littleton, CO 1:49.09
  • Bob Jacobs, 45, Littleton, CO 1:49:48
  • Kevin Bains, 48, Longmont, CO 1:53:29
  • Kae Takeshita, 36, Itasca, IL 1:50.19 (first female, third overall)
  • Shelly Whisenhunt, 52, Satellite Beach, FL 1:56:56
  • Kourtny Compton, 27, Longmont, CO 2:05:18

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