Sasha Underwood’s Life Changing Bike Trek on the Colorado Trail

Sasha took on the 550 mile Colorado Trail, climbing over 80,000 feet and spending 16 nights on her own in the woods. Known for her Ironman’s and Leadville 100 finishes, Sasha dug deep to overcome the challenges of overnighting alone, crashing a few times, getting lost once, and the normal chore of keeping hydrated and eating lots of calories. She discovered more about herself than she imagined. She called this trip “monumental” and what kept her going through the tough times were the people she was raising money for. The refugees. She gives tirelessly to this community and they gave back on this journey. Whenever she even thought of quitting, she thought of the refugees who had no choice but to continue their journey. They brought her through a couple of tough spots. She met incredible people, saw incredible places and returned home amazed at this feat and called it life changing. If you want to donate to the refugees, here is a link:

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  1. sash: you should consider a dyno front hub…..the rotation of the hub generates electricity. endless supply of it…charges phone computer lights etc…….

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