Robidoux Quick & Dirty: A Case for Western Nebraska

Why travel to Western Nebraska when there might be closer races at hand? After all, riding the Robidoux Quick and Dirty does mean a two, maybe three hour drive from 303 country. It’s a reasonable question to ask. The short answer is: Traffic. We haven’t any. None. Honestly, you will encounter more free range cows than cars on our roads.



There’s also something to be said about the scale of the place. The route winds its way in and around piney escarpments. More tarty than epic; the climbs are small but really punchy. The length is early season friendly too – one rider last year called it fun-sized. And the vistas? Well, they are epic.




‘I have been pleasantly surprised that the competition has been pretty dynamic both years contributed to in no small part by the terrain. Climbs and crosswinds to split things up, occasional headwinds to keep them together. Sandy patches (or mud in the case of 2017) to sap energy from those who are a bit too ambitious with their early pacing, and a great sharp anaerobic hill within striking range of the finish from which to launch attacks if a group is still together as the finish line looms. The course is good for a gravel grinder if an adventure is what you’re looking for, it’s great if you want a race.’ – Joshua Krabbe


Gitane Mixty – Up for Grabs

We have a mellow, down-home Meet and Greet Friday night before. Each rider gets a free beer. I’m not talking about a paper cup, I’m talking about a glass of beer. We also have a race-bike concourse. You enter your bike, you enter a raffle for a bike. Last year we gave away a bone stock 1973 Schwinn Suburban. Keeping with the way-back vibe, this year someone will drive off with a gently massaged early 70’s Gitane Mixty. It’s an easy rolling retro-frenchy gravel grocery getter, if you will.


We’ll be serving Nebraska beer and StoneFire Pizza. Maybe throw down some bluegrass to keep the mood mellow. That’s weather permitting of course. Last year it got so cold Wynne couldn’t keep his mando tuned. 8:00am the next morning wheels hit the gravel. After 75 miles, the fastest three women and men will drive home with 300/200/100 cash prizes. Everyone else drives home dusty and happy.

We hope that’s a convincing case for Western Nebraska.
May 19 2018

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  1. Brian

    I would love to do this ride but hotel rooms in Scottsbluff are few and far between and family friendly is nonexistent (more than 3 guests and all the hotels don’t offer rollaway beds, I’ve checked).
    Has anyone else had issue with finding accommodations?


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