Rob Quinn’s Music Filled Take on What’s Happening Outside Now

On my way to better things

(No time left for you) I found myself some wings

(No time left for you) Distant roads are calln’me

(No time left for you)

Time, time,time,time,time

Song by Guess Who

By Rob Quinn

I noticed a few things today. On the way to run an errand at 10:00AM, the normal “coast is clear” time for we home office types to venture out on the freeways, there was a surplus of folks out walking the dogs, many with kids in tow…and they were smiling. Sucker punched by the sunshine.

Seemed like more than a few roadies out and about. When I turned onto c470 toward Golden there were more than a few. It looked like a group with the Modern Market team was doing tempo like it was a Saturday. That’s odd. They had looks on their faces like they ate a canary. Look it up millennials…you have time. 

 The parking lot off Alameda Parkway was buzzing with activity. At 65 Miles per hour (Sorry Morrison cops…you ain’t getting me. Again.) I could see no less than 10 individual Mountain Bikers riding Green Mountain. The hills are alive…with the sound of music. I was waiting for the Von Trapp Family to emerge from the Hog Backs in full sing. I know what you are thinking, but this was on the WAY to the dispensary. 

You can take away my brew pub. You can pull the plug on the Nuggs (the Mexican stand-off with Comcast made us tough before CV-19), You can close the ski hill. You can cancel Rockies opening day and Red Rocks TFN…but apparently you can’t take the people’s will to get out of the house. Turn the computer or TV off… and get some sunshine, some exercise and even some family time? Eh too Brutus? 

Power to the people. Right-on. Thank you, John Lennon. 

Could one of the positives from this be that in our super charged, my wave, Double IPA, 5G, text-ahead for pick-up, running like the devil lives we are forced to take an official time-out! S-L-O-W that Mustang down and even smell the roses. It’s a little easier especially if you Mountain Bike. I did shed a tear thinking a ripping ski season was about to end (lift served at least…Dr. Evil laugh Sound effect). No rain no rainbow’s? How about getting a nice start on the season’s training? Almost a mini training camp per se. Seems like all-of-a sudden, we all have a little extra time to lay down some serious base miles.

I remember being a 10 year old hipster buying that Guess Who song “No Time” as a 45 (B- side “Proper Stranger” for you certain types of weirdos) at Leithold’s music…the record dude Lindy always creeped me out… living in a small relaxed college town in Wisconsin, yet realizing this record I bought was about people’s relationship with the clock. And apparently, they did not have enough time! Ever since then I kept an eye on the clock. Most people who know me describe me as very punctual.

It all started with a Canadian rock band. 

But now WE do…and it looks like of all places to be stuck, we still have enough elbow room (and now time) Colorado, that we are truly blessed to have one hell of a “B” side called outdoor recreation. Things apparently have gotten so bad that I saw a gang of 12 year old boys riding their mountain bikes on the trails in my neighborhood. The little vampires looked a little unsteady and pale from non-stop gaming, but progress is progress.  

Me? I’m going to take my medicine and shut up!

If you ask me. It’s about time. 

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