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Testimonials from Photographers
Over the past 3 years, I have photographed a significant number of Colorado road/mountain bike and cyclocross events and competitions. From the Denver Metro area to Colorado Springs to Ft. Collins and into the mountains at Winter Park, Frisco, Breckenridge, Salida, and Gunnison, I have worked to digitally capture the talent and perseverance of our local racing community to help promote the sport and create memories. My success as an independent cycling photographer is hugely dependent on the support I have received from our community of local photographers; media vehicles such as; and the race promoters, who foster and appreciate the effort, color, and variety that local photographers bring to their events.

Covering the local races in print and in photographs and video has become a shared responsibility between the photographers and sites like 303cycling. Having the opportunity to “race” home to find “the photo” that
will speak to a large audience and promote my work on 303 is an exciting and much appreciated opportunity, adding a dimension to my photography that would be sorely lacking if it no longer existed.

I believe that sites like 303cycling are important resources for the Colorado cycling community. They provide immediate, well-rounded, and complete coverage of a given event. Adding into the mix the variety of photos that only an independent photographer can provide, you get a picture of the nuances and “personal, up-close” side of the event.
Cyclists, as well as fans of the sport, are able to read about the event right away, hopefully inspiring them participate in, and attend more, events in the future.

Not only does 303 provide cycling news and event information, results, and reviews, they also promote us photographers by printing and highlighting our work on their website. From my perspective, it is a valuable partnership.

Note to Photographers!

There have been a few occasions where photographers have signed with a promoter as the “exclusive photographer for the event”. Don’t be fouled by these empty promises from the promoter because unless the event is held on private property these promoters cannot prevent anyone else from shooting photos and sharing! The only thing they can give you is to share photos through their outlet (aka website) which will be very limited.

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