Read-and-ride bikes meet two needs

Cliff Grassmick / Staff Photographer
Cliff Grassmick / Daily Camera Staff Photographer

By Amy Bounds
Daily Camera

Donna Patterson, a second- grade teacher at Boulder’s Eisenhower Elementary, was intrigued by a picture of a read-and-ride stationary bike lab she saw in a teaching magazine.

She shared the idea with the school’s physical education teacher, Terry Neitenbach, who agreed to use money raised through the school’s annual fun run to fund the project.

The bikes, Patterson said, are an easy way to incorporate movement into the school day.

“It’s tough for kids to sit still for long periods of time, and this gives them a break to read and refocus,” she said. “For children with behavioral issues, the bikes provide a break to gain control of emotions and rejoin the class. The bikes are used all day long and the kids love them.”

Finding bikes that allow students to read while they ride also helps instill a love of reading in students, she said.

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