Spring Bike Maintenance Made Easy

springBy Katie Macarelli and Feedback Sports

Whether you’re a fair-weather rider who’s bike has been hibernating all winter, or a winter-riding die-hard, now is the time to inspect your bike and give it a little TLC. Feedback Sports has some user-friendly tips to help!

Start with a full-bike inspection. In order to do this, it’s obviously best if the bike is clean (insert groan here). We know, we know. Cleaning your bike is not always at the top of everyone’s list of fun ways to pass the time, but in the end, you and your bike will appreciate it!! A clean bike is a happy bike. And happy bikes are fast, reliable bikes.

Follow the 5 steps below and you can’t go wrong.

1. Give your bike a nice bath. Not sure how best to do this? Check out this video from our friends at wearebutter.com.
2. Remember, if you de-grease components, you must re-grease them. Not sure which type of lube is best or how to apply it? Ask your local bike shop! That’s what they are for–to help you help yourself. Don’t be embarrassed. There are no stupid questions if it’s the right type of shop.
3. While your bike is still clean, don’t forget to inspect your components for wear to prevent further damage. Tire tread, chain wear, worn cables, and brake pads all need to be checked/maintained. If you HAVE been sticking it out this winter, remember that snow, rain, road grit and de-icer are all things that expedite wear and tear on your bike and components.
4. If applicable, check your sealant! Most sealants have a time-period (climate dependent) that they will last in your tire. It may be time to add more.

smug5. If there’s an issue that comes up during this inspection and you don’t know how to fix it…(guess. C’mon, guess). That’s RIGHT!! ASK YOUR LOCAL BIKE SHOP!! They will be happy to help and might even offer maintenance clinics so you can feel more confident maintaining your bike in the future.

And that’s pretty much it. Follow those 5 steps and you too can be standing there, admiring your clean, fast, SAFE bike. You’ll show up to that next group ride guilt-free and all smug-like when you look around and see all those other filthy, sad bikes. Feels good, right? Sure it does.

stand maint*Pro Tip #1: If you have one of our wash and work stands, everything above is infinitely easier than say…leaning your bike against your car or a tree. Some might ask: “Why do I even need a work stand when I just ask my significant other or one of my kids to hold it for me?” Answer: because this is a ridiculous use of that person’s time and in the end ruins the love of cycling for everyone. Don’t do it.

bike app*Pro Tip #2: We also offer a FREE Bike Maintenance app to help you keep track of everything above. It can be hard to remember when you last replaced a chain or refreshed your sealant. Our app does this FOR you.IOS and Android-friendly!!

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