Prevent Bike Theft!

From Full Cycle Bikes:

Always lock your bike, even if it is with a lightweight lock. Last year, one of our owners, Russ Chandler, turned his head for just one minute at a coffee shop, and his bike was stolen. Read his story here.

Even a low-cost light-weight lock will prevent casual theft.

No matter the lock, if you lock it wrong, it won’t do you much good. Here’s CU Police’s Recommended Ways to Lock Your Bike.

Register your bike with police and online. The first best thing to do is to register your bike with the Boulder Police Department.

It just takes a few minutes to fill out the form. You should also register it online. The ones we recommend are Bike Index529 Project Garage and Rejjee

If your bike is stolen, get the word out instantly on social media, check with resellers/pawn shops, and give us a call. We’ll keep an eye out for you! Russ was very fortunate to have recovered his bike. Someone saw his post on social media and he actually found his bike abandoned on the same day!

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