It’s Happening TOMORROW: Evelyn Stevens 1-hour Record Attempt

She’s an American hero, chasing a world record right here in Colorado. Overcoming an awkward speech impediment as a youth, and breaking glass ceilings into boardrooms, she knows a thing or two about overcoming. She left the corporate world and found freedom. “I like to say riding a bike calms the turbulance in my mind,” she says in this video: “Why We Play.”

She’ll be riding a Track-optimized Specialized Shiv TT with custom grease overhaul on ceramic bearings… Read about “Assembling Evelyn Stevens hour-record attempt bike” from Bike Radar:

Pro mechanic Daimeon Shanks pulled out all the stops — and much of the grease — in assembling the two bikes she will have at the velodrome in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Instead of a pursuit-style track bike, the frameset is a Specialized S-Works Shiv TT that has been prepped for the track. The derailleur hangers and bottle-cage bosses were removed for aerodynamics, and spacers were added to the Zipp track disc’s hub to bridge the gap to the 130mm road frame spacing. Stevens also has a team-only custom stem to get her position low, with a 12cm drop from the top of her saddle to the top of the arm rest pads…

Tickets to the event sold out in less than six minutes, but you can watch Live Coverage HERE.
(303 reporters Nicole Odell and Scott Downes will be on hand with media creds, so stay tuned for twitter (@303cycling) updates and lots of news & Instragram(@303Cycling) photos!

Here is video of a practice run from CyclingTips

Evelyn Stevens, Hour Record practice session from cyclingtips on Vimeo.

CyclingTips author Neal Rogers says,

As the saying goes, it’s not practice that makes perfect, but rather perfect practice that makes perfect.

If so, American Evelyn Stevens appears poised to set a new Hour Record on February 27.

Coach Neal Henderson talks a bit about the track selection:

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