“Plan B” Sometimes Works Out Just Fine and We Found a New/Old Place to Refuel on a Ride

By Bill Plock

We originally had planned a 90 mile, 8,500 foot climb in a last ditch training effort for our big ride coming up on June 13th–more on that to come soon. On Saturday morning with clouds hiding the peaks we hoped to climb, we started north from Longmont to Carter Lake. Once there, we decided we would eyeball the weather and either continue towards Estes Park or do something else. What we found instead was a time machine in Masonville.

Crossing the dam, spits of rain made it pretty evident we should consider an alternative route. The group, which was once four, became three, then two. Matt Miller, owner of Boulder based nutrition company, BASE Performance and I decided to head north towards Masonville and Wesley Smith, owner of Pro Bike Express headed south. A week earlier I had ridden from Ft. Collins to Carter Lake, passing through the old ranching village of Masonville. Someone in our group commented that the store, with the famous old jail, was now much more cycling “friendly” as there was new ownership. Of course that made me curious and I had gotten the feeling over the years that cyclists weren’t their favorite customers.

Matt Miller, Wesley Smith, Bill Plock

By the time we arrived, the clouds opened and we took shelter on the boardwalk of the once hotel and general store built in 1896. It has taken on many facelifts over the years, but has been a retail gift and clothing store since the 1970’s offering eclectic clothing and bridal wear. And they offer a nice variety of snacks and beverages for cyclists along with a water outside and places to sit and visit the “old jail.”

Inside you will find clothing and accessories unlike anywhere else. Vintage clothes that might’ve been on the old Wild Wild West show, to modern James Bond outfits, Willy Wonka and Little House on the Prairie or Elvira. The Bridal dress collection and women’s clothing spans generations and the entire store is full of one of a kind garments and accessories.

This from their website: http://masonvillemerc.com

In December of 2018, Mardi and Bob were ready to retire and turned the business over to local entrepreneur Roy Youree and his globe-trotting son, Michael Dustin Youree. Stepping into Mardi’s shoes as an outfitter, buyer and champion of all things magical, is Holly Cook. Together, they are building upon the Masonville legacy, and expanding the vision of the historic space and its eclectic offerings.

Our goal is to continue cultivating an environment that is not just a retail store, but also an experience. We want to tell a story with Masonville Mercantile. When you walk in, when you explore, and when you dress up, we intend to transport you to other times and other worlds.

“We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers and dreams” -Arthur O’Shaunessy

Cycling is all about exploring and finding new places, even ones you have ridden by a million times. Sometimes “Plan B” becomes an unexpectant treasure hunt. I know where I am going to go to get something new and different to wear!

Look for more from this friendly cycling stop! It’s a must see!

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  1. Love this article. Would also love to see your route as well. That’s a skill that’s hard for some of us to master and ‘stealing’ someone’s route – especially with a great stop – is appreciated!

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