• American Racing in Belgium

    Submitted by 303cycling on January 12th, 2008

    Famous local rider, Greg Keller and his blog mudandcowbells.blogspot.com is giving us folks back home insight into what it might be like for one of us to race CX over in Belgium. For those who don’t follow Greg’s blog, he love cross, especially Belgium CX and this year Greg has been given the opportunity to race in Belgium so you can only imagine he is happier than a teenage boy at the pool side with Mr Heffner. Be sure to say tuned to his adventures on his blog over the next week. Read more

    • Fort Collins Wind Tunnel Help TDF Riders

      Submitted by Kris Thompson on January 12th, 2008

      Local rider, Whitney Debroux, tells of Slipstream rider, Jason Donald, recently improved his TT position to shave 40 watts off of a 30mph TT effort by using the local wind tunnel in Fort Collins… Read more

      • Help Support Boulder’s Community Cycles

        Submitted by Kris Thompson on January 11th, 2008

        I was checking out Craigslist today to see if there are any 29’ers for sale when I found this great bike, its great because it use to be mine. I donated it to Community Cycles a few months ago. Its a great bike with some great components and its a PARAMOUNT!!! Help them by buying this ride! Read more

        • Spring Racing is on its Way!

          Submitted by Kris Thompson on January 11th, 2008

          Things are melting and not new snow is in the forecast, are you getting excited about the 08 season? Are you ready to race soon or is the off season just too long for you. You will need a good car but you can start racing soon, here are two “nearby-ish” races. Read more

          • Boulder Bike-and-Ride is Closed

            Submitted by Kris Thompson on January 11th, 2008

            I just found out today that one of Boulder’s unoffical Bike-and-Rides is now closed, meaning, not allowed to park any cars there. The once was RTD Park and Ride on east Pearl just east of Foothills parkway is closed to what looks like some new construction. Not sure what it is but it takes out what was a great place to park and bike into work. Read more