• Boom: A Firsthand Account of a Red Hook Crit Crash

    Submitted by 303cycling on May 4th, 2016

    From the outside looking in, the field of the Red Hook Crit somewhat resembles a swarming cluster of undetonated torpedoes, lurking and looking to target the front of the race. It’s all power and fury, rigid and taut, comprised of pieces and parts that don’t really bend.

    When the lead race moto stalled not even thirty seconds into the men’s final on Saturday night, in the middle of the road, just past a tight right hand corner, those pieces and parts broke… Read more

    • OZ Road Race: Notes from the WOL A-Team

      Submitted by 303cycling on May 4th, 2016

      Dear Colorado Cyclists,

      This is the weekend we’ve been looking forward to since December, the launch of the brand new OZ Road Race! You’re not in Kansas anymore Toto.

      Please note that pre-registration closes Wednesday May 4th at midnight. There is RACE DAY REGISTRATION, which closes 40min prior to your race.

      Please also take a look at the important and most recent course notes below! We’re also still looking for 3 more course marshalls, so if you have a loved one or friend spectating we could use their help, and you’ll receive their $40 credit. Read more

      • Women’s Wednesday: Fear. It’s a Bastard.

        Submitted by 303cycling on May 3rd, 2016

        Fear. It’s like birthday presents. It comes in all kinds of packages.

        This past weekend I went to Fruita. Something I’ve been doing once or twice a year for the past nine years. Just me and my girlfriends. It seems to always be epic in one way or another. Either we get lost, someone’s bikes decides it’s done for the season or someone gets hurt. And that someone was me five years ago. Read more

        • Georgia Gould: More than a Bicyclist

          Submitted by 303cycling on May 2nd, 2016

          Georgia Gould talks to The Coloradoan about locking herself in the chicken coop, her variety of bikes, making honey, and, oh ya, the Olympics… Read more

          • Backcountry Lifeline Gains Industry Support

            Submitted by 303cycling on May 1st, 2016

            Have you ever needed to know first aid when out on a MTB ride up in the mountains or in the middle of no where, anywhere getting help would be difficult? It’s something to think about seriously.

            Founded by three riders following a season eclipsed by mountain bike tragedies across the nation last year, Backcountry Lifeline (BCLL) aims to provide racers and riders with the training, tools, and technology necessary to be more prepared, and more knowledgeable, for the types of emergency situations riders may encounter in the backcountry.

            The company recently announced that thanks to industry support, it will be able to reduce prices for training being offered to mountain bike racers for the 2016 season.

             Read more