• Women’s Wednesday: Cheri’s Top-down CHCB Clothing Review

    Submitted by Kris Thompson on May 18th, 2016

    Performance Bike’s brand CHCB, is pushing out some very cool, stylish and functional clothing for women. And it must be said, some may even call it affordable which is a great thing. Read more

    • Women’s Wednesday: Cheri’s Top-down CHCB Clothing Review

      Submitted by 303cycling on May 18th, 2016

      By Cheri Felix

      CHCB: Civii II Shorts & Morgan Crew Short Sleeve Jersey Review

      I’m not much of a shoe girl. And I don’t wear makeup (that’s not a political statement). I do like socks. A lot. I buy a lot of books that quietly promise that I’ll be a better person someday. And I love coffee. But clothing and shoes and makeup and wine and chocolate are not on the top 10 list of where my money goes. But bike clothing, that’s something I can put my back into. . . Read more

      • Golden Cyclist Jesse Swift Victim of Stabbing

        Submitted by 303cycling on May 17th, 2016

        UPDATE – Third suspect (pictured) still at large… Denver Post reports, “They went to the wrong home…”

        10PM 5/17/16 – from friend Russell Kappius:

        Spent some time with Jesse Swift tonight and am happy to say he’s doing very well all things considered. He headed into surgery to fix some internal injuries about 7pm tonight. Over time, he should recover fully physically…
        Third suspect still at large… Read more

        • Hidden Spikes Cause Flat Tires at Buffalo Creek

          Submitted by 303cycling on May 17th, 2016

          UPDATE: From Denver Post:

          Mark Eller, the communications director for the Boulder-based International Mountain Bicycling Association, really wants to call these isolated incidents that involved crazy people, and certainly not a national trend.
          “It happens enough now that I would say there is a worrisome aspect where people can see these as passive attacks on different user groups,” Eller said. “The factual way of looking at it is that this happens a few times a year now…”
           Read more