Orange Seal Tubeless Tire Sealant Review

I recently converted my mountain bike over to tubeless.  My husband has been riding tubeless and was really happy.  I decided to make the switch after getting tired of changing out my inner tubes due to slow leaking punctures and seeing how my husband’s tires were a-ok.  I’ve been on my bike long enough where my old sealant was dried up and needed a recharge.  I liked the features of Orange Seal and decided to give it a go for my most recent re-charge. 20160912_091618

Filling your tires with sealant is *super* easy.  The Orange Seal kit includes 1 bottles of sealant, a dispenser tube, and a dipstick.  Adding the sealant to my tires was as easy as removing the core from my valve stem and gravity feeding the Orange Seal sealant into the tire.  Give the wheel a few good spins to ensure you have good coverage and you’re good to go!

We did a test ride out in an area with a bunch of cactus – its almost impossible to play on the rocks and NOT get a cactus in your tire.  When the ride was done and we were loading my truck up, I was pulling out some decent sized cactus needles from my tire.  A quick “hiss” of air was immediately stopped by the Orange Seal Sealant.  I imagine that the sealant was pretty busy during that ride – I pulled out a bunch of cactus from my tires afterwards.

Some other key points about Orange Seal:20160912_091522

  • Seals larger holes and tire sidewall slices
  • Seals thin, porous tire walls
  • Seals imperfections in the bead mating surface
  • Non-caustic
  • Effective at all tire pressures, including up to 120 psi, making this a GREAT choice for road tires as well
  • Easy injection system

I’m really impressed with the ease of adding the sealant into my tires and its performance on the trail.



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  1. Erik

    My experience thus far with Orange seal is that the “orange” part is accurate but the “seal” part, not so much. Slime and Stan’s always sealed up, Orange Seal has been a 50/50 proposition for me. Has let me down a couple times.


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