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The hustle and bustle of the outdoor industry has landed in Denver, CO at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market show. 303Cycling stopped by to say hi to the folks at Optic Nerve. Independently owned and operated right here in Colorado for over 40 years, Optic Nerve is a leader in the sunglass industry.  Check out their story in the video below and product review by 303Cycling Ambassador, Cheri Felix:

By Cheri Felix

I haven’t changed much since junior high. When I have a crush, I’m loyal to the end. That’s how I feel about Optic Nerve. And now, it’s more than a crush, it’s serious. I know for a fact that I have sun damage on my eyes. And just like some of the bad clothing choices I made in 8th grade, there’s no going back in time and undoing the damage.

I’ve been wearing Optic Nerve for years and unlike with many of the sunglasses I’ve worn all my life, I don’t have to compromise on fashion and good looks for eye protection. My every day  choice is the Cassette. I refer to the Cassette as “The ones I can’t live without”. The Cassette works very well for me because

  1. they are super cute
  2. they fit my troll size face
  3. they are super cute
  4. they protect me from further sun damage

Trust me. If you or someone you love, has a narrow face, just buy these. All those years of having my sunglasses slide off when I bent down or pushed them up on my head left a mark on my soul. I’m not going back to sunglasses that don’t fit my face. They have three color options and include two sets of interchangeable lens.

I also have the Fixie pro. I refer to the Fixie Pro as “The ones that make me look bada$$”. When I wear these I look like I just completed a triathlon and I’m headed out to do a ten mile cool down run. That’s how tough these look. They are for “average sized faces” which means they fit me fairly well. Like a pair of my old favorite jeans (the kind that make you feel like all that and a bag of chips), they hug me in all the right places regardless of my troll sized face. They are very light and have a 100% unobstructed field of vision (I may have lifted these words from their website). All that means is there’s no frame to get in the mix. You see what you need to see. Also available in multiple colors.

Lastly, I have the Mashup which I affectionately call “The ones my husband stole from me”. But I love that man, so I pretend not to notice. The Mashup has polarized lenses which may have something to do with the fact that I can never find them. My husband is a fly fisherman and supposedly, polarized lenses help you see the fish better. Supposedly. It’s hard to obtain data for this when you’re the ‘catch and release’ type of fisherman. The Mashup is super cute and obviously unisex (like the Cassette and the Fixie Pro).

Optic Nerve doesn’t just put out great products that protect your peepers. They also deliver the goods at a price point that is affordable. They also are a Colorado company that supports the Colorado High Cycling League which means getting more kids on bikes and creating life long cyclists. And although these are reason enough to support Optic Nerve and buy their products I can’t help but come back to the real reason I love Optic Nerve; they are super cute.

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  1. Kate Rau

    Optic Nerve walks the talk. Fantastic functional fashion regardless of your outing. Grassroots and HUGE supporter of non-profits including the Colorado High School Cycling League and Snowboard Outreach Society.


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