Review: Optic Nerve Sunglasses

By Cheri Felix

I love Optic Nerve. You know me. I’m loyal and I’m also a total sucker for a great product and some yummy marketing. Add to that a local company who supports the Colorado high school cycling league and you’ve got yourself a home run. A slam dunk. A hole in one. A PR. A gold star. Whatever analogy you want to use. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you should put their website on your holiday “please buy me” list.

For months I’ve been wearing a sporty pair of shades that aren’t even available until 2016. But this isn’t my first Optic Nerve rodeo. I’ve been wearing Optic Nerve for a few years now. My new pair are polarized which, in laypeople’s terms, means it keeps out 99.9% of the intense glare from the sun. I found out this year that I ALREADY have sun damage on my eyes. No amount of plastic surgery can fix that one. WEAR sunglasses and please for the love of all things good and kind, wear good ones. They don’t have to cost hundreds of dollars which is a lovely segue way to my next point.

Optic Nerve sells affordable eye wear. And when I say “affordable” I don’t mean in a Boulder affordable housing price sort of way. I mean it in a if you buy yourself three pair at the big box store that uses a cute dog and a bullseye in their marketing then you’ve spent possibly more than you would on a pair of Optic Nerve sunglasses sort of way.

Affordability and polarized lenses are great but they also have a hydrophobic coating that repels water and dust. They also have an adjustable rubber bridge. This allows you to make them fit your face and nose and it creates space to reduce the fog that we all love to hate when we’re running or riding our bike. Optic Nerve definitely creates a product for us sporty types and they also have a line that is a bit more cool and hip. Two things I’ve never been accused of being.

Optic Nerve invests in their technology, their people and the community around them. That’s one of things I love about them. The owners of the company give back to regular people. The kind that may never do that marathon in under 5 hours. The kind of people who walk more than run and the kind of people (like me) who sometimes pin their race number on the wrong way. I love them. I bet you will too. Your eyes deserve protection. Unlike your match dot com profile there are no do-overs with your eyes. It’s like a first date or a first kiss. No do-overs.

Be yourself and stick to your roots.
That’s what Optic Nerve stands for.

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