Notable Women in Cycling History

By Khem Suthiwan

International Women’s Day wouldn’t be complete without recognizing a few of the leading ladies in cycling, both past and present. So many to choose from, but only so much space on the interwebs, so here are the ones who are definitely worth mentioning and sharing!

Annie “Londonderry” Cohen Kopchovsky (1870-1947)

Annie with her Columbia bicycle

Back when people believed that riding bikes would sexually arouse women (why is that a “bad thing”? Lol.), give them “bicycle face“, or cause us to become bow-legged from all the pedaling, Annie definitely pushed the envelope and ran it off the cliff by being the first woman to ride her bicycle around the world! In doing so, she left behind her husband and three young children to complete this feat which started as a bet between two rich Boston businessmen. Wicked awesome Annie. Wicked awesome!

Jenny Graham

As if riding your bike around the world is NBD, Jenny Graham did it, and faster than any woman to date. Fully self-supported, she rode around the world in just under 125 days in 2018. Averaging 180 miles a day, 16 hours of saddle time, and consuming over 660,000 calories, I’m pretty sure there aren’t enough lifetime Weight Watchers points to cover all that! Well done Jenny!!

Denise Mueller-Korenek

12th September 2018, Bonneville, Utah, USA; Denise Mueller Korenek attempts to break the Cycling World Land Speed Record; Denise Mueller holding helmet

She has the need, the need for speed…and a lot of it! To date, Denise is the fastest human being on a bicycle. At a blistering speed of 183.9 mph, she broke her women’s speed record of 147.74 mph (set in 2016) AND shattering the world record that had stood since 1995. Badassery runs in the Mueller family with a ultra-distance cyclist for a father and her mother raced midget demolition-derby cars. Talk about awesome genetics!!!

Here is our 155.98mph run video. Tow release right around 1.5 miles, leaving 3.5 miles in the draft to achieve an average speed for the last mile of 155.98mph (between mile 4 & 5)Orange signs are mile markers with an extra orange sign at mile 2.25 for the quarter mile on timing slip. Black smaller signs are quarter mile markers (except mile 2.25) mile 5-6 is the shutdown where Shea Racing – Shea Holbrook takes me down to 110mph before she pulls away to allow the 110mph wind to slow me down naturally. Video Credit to Ron Stoecky of Stoecky Films!

Posted by Project Speed Denise Mueller-Korenek on Monday, September 17, 2018

Katie Compton

There’s a reason why they call her KFC, and it’s not because she likes chicken. Katie F@&king Compton takes no prisoners, will eat your children as an appetizer, and spit you out before dessert is served. Okay, not really, but still…she’s a fierce competitor and means business when she’s racing yet is freaking awesome, nice to us “normal” folk, and lives right in our backyard (Colorado Springs). KFC is the most successful US cyclocross athlete overall. Her notable accomplishments include being the first American woman to podium in the Cyclocross World Championships (winning silver) in 2007, the first non-European to win the DVV Trofee overall, and has won 15 consecutive USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships. Keep on kicking ass KFC!!!

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