Masters 35-39 Cyclocross Championships


According to this guy, Brandon almost didn’t get the chance to race! I drove that highway two days earlier on storm 1 and it was almost as bad. Amazing Brandon Dwight!

Local Boulder rider, Brandon Dwight, takes the win in KC this year for the Masters 35-39 title. No doubt Brandon is talented as shown in his mens open success in the Boulder area this year but that race was COMPLETELY a different animal from any race I’ve EVER seen. I can’t wait to interview Brandon to get his story on how he did it.


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I was in that race and let me tell you a little of what it was like. FROZEN, RUTTED and COLD. In the scope of things the cold wasn’t that bad, horizontal snow and temps in the upper 20’s, not bad compared to the course which was horrible! After two days of racing the course had many ruts in it and those ruts were in many places frozen solid so the best line was the one that no where to be found in many places. Lap 1 saw *many* guys on their asses leaving many riders like myself to wonder, how do you race this course?

After only 2 laps over half of the field had been pulled and what left me so shocked was I along with many pulled riders felt completely fresh, for us it was not a race of endurance or strength but one of survival, so again, I must ask Brandon, how did you do it?

Back to lap 1, it was nearly impossible to ride more than 2 abreast because the ruts would sometimes cause you to sudden change lanes sending you bumping into the guy next to you which caused me to take two guys out, not on purpose by any means.

More later to come on the details of the weekend and the race so stay tuned.

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