Colorado State CX Championships a Frosty Experience

While driving to the race on Sunday I had to keep myself from looking at the outside temperature on my dashboard which read 9F! However the sun was out and the wind was about .5mph which is rare.

Nice photos from states

Nice photos of the conditions and RM riders

This years CX state course is new to all of us so I didn’t know what to expect in terms of course style however whatever attitude the course did have, with 8 inches of snow it was a new beast.


I raced in the 35+ which seemed to have a smaller than average field, I would guess around 30 riders. The start was great, long flat stretch then some curves in a field before we hit the woods. I choose the wrong path on the double track at the start and landed probably near the rear of the field at the first corner (how does this happen).

The course was GREAT, even though it was slick, I felt that it was probably safer than many of the course this year.

By lap two I had my mind into it after my fingers started to get blood flowing and I was on picking riders at every possible section especially the long flat section after the start. Then before I knew it they were calling 5 to go. Boy, racing mens open really has helped because of the extra 15 minutes in the opens field, I still had plenty of gas left so my problem was that I was running out of runway.

14th was the official result which I believe might have been my best 35+ result of the year.

Now off to Nationals Wednesday!

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