What is it Like Having a V02 and Lactate Test Done?

What is it like to have a V02 and lactate test done? I’ve done a V02 *years* ago when I was a freshmen in college and the results told me that I’d better stick to my degree program and keep cycling as a hobby. Today I’m heading off to the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine to have a V02 and lactate threshold testing done. I hate hospitals and the sight of blood so the thought of being pricked often while riding hard does not please me or my inner brain but hopefully I will overcome and not pass-out on the bike. In the end I will get to meet with Neal Anderson and he will review with me the results and maybe even go over some job postings in the Denver Metro area for IT consultants for geeks with no physical talent. This data will also feed into my coach, Lisa, and she will alter my training in 08 to maximize on this data.

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