No More Leaky Bottles on your Bike Commute: 303Khem Tests the Kleen Kanteen

Kleen Kanteen – A Must Have for Kommuters

With so many vacuum insulated bottles on the market, finding one that doesn’t leak during your morning commute is like discovering sliced bread for the first time. Well, look no further because I found the perfect one, especially if you commute by bike.

Kleen Kanteen’s Climate Lock™ Vacuum Insulated bottles with the Café Cap 2.0 and Klean Coat™ for the win and here are the reasons why…

  1. The Café Cap 2.0 provides a tight seal. No leaking or spilling! It’s BPA free and safe to use with acidic or hot beverages. Check out the video below!

  2. The Climate Lock™ Vacuum Insulated bottle keeps drinks hot or cold for many many hours (14 hours hot, 100 hours cold). With their lifetime guarantee, you can’t go wrong.
  3. Their new Klean Coat™ finish is 4-times more durable than their previous finish (it’s true!!). Plus, Kleen Kanteen went the extra mile by sourcing environmentally and human friendly ingredients for Klean Coat™. You can sleep at night knowing you, your family, and the planet are safe. Bottles are available in a wide variety of colors inspired by nature.

Whenever I commuted, especially by bike, I was always reluctant to take a bottle of my morning hot tea with me. Thoughts of hot liquid leaking in my commuting bag preventing me from doing such. Now with the Kleen Kanteen Café Cap 2.0 on my bottle, there’s no need to worry!

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