New Boulder Company, PELLI Premium Care Launches New Ceramic Based Cleaning Product

Taking naming inspiration from the world-renowned Kokopelli Trail in Western Colorado and Utah, Boulder-CO based PELLI Premium Bike Care recently launched their unique lineup of bike-specific cleaning and protection products targeted specifically to cyclists – from the casual commuter to the elite professional.  

Specializing in high-grade ceramic and Si02 protectants and environmentally-friendly “DRE” (direct-release to environment)surfactants, degreasers, and cleaning agents, PELLI uses the highest quality ingredients available today – typically reserved for high-end luxury exotic and collector automobiles – in purpose-built formulas engineered specifically to Clean, Protect, and Maintain today’s advanced bike materials.  All of the brand’s Premium Bike Care products are made in the USA – with raw material production, packaging, and distribution executed near the brand headquarters in Boulder, CO.    

Utilizing the latest and most advanced Ceramic Technologies, PELLI’s unique formulas not only offer outstanding cleaning and detailing performance, they also offer previously unattainable levels of surface-protection via a long-lasting ceramic barrier – allowing your bike to stay cleaner for longer and dramatically improving the speed and efficiency of regular washes.

“After many years of research and development with our chemists, and testing countless formulas on bikes of all shapes, sizes, and intended uses, we’re thrilled to finally introduce PELLI to the cycling industry” said Jon Fabiano, the company’s co-founder.  “Following many years of dissatisfaction with the current options to keep our bikes looking and riding like new, we looked to exotic and luxury collector car owners for inspiration.  Anyone that’s been to a collector car show or auction knows how serious these enthusiasts take their cleaning and maintenance.  While our bikes may not share the Bugatti price tag, we’re just as serious about keeping them clean and protected and set out on a mission to apply the most advanced developments in ceramic / Si02 technology to bike-specific applications for our 2-wheeled pride and joy.”  

Relatively new technology in the automotive world, the word “ceramic” refers to a compound typically composed of silicon dioxide or Si02 – sourced from natural materials like quartz and sand.  When applied, these compounds create an instant chemical bond with the surface of your bike and seal the layer underneath with a hard and intensely hydrophobic (i.e. water repellant) barrier.  This coating creates a strong water-beading action and self-cleaning surface that sheds contaminants – making it harder for performance-stealing compounds to stick to the surface and allowing these compounds to release much easier with regular maintenance – typically with only a low-pressure freshwater rinse (vs. pressure washing, agitation with firm-bristle brushes, etc.). 

“In the automotive world, many ceramic coating formulas are extremely toxic and difficult to apply – requiring hours of surface prep with rubber gloves, special UV lighting, respirator masks, etc.” Fabiano explains.  “At PELLI, equally as important to us as the performance of our products was the ease of use and application; it was critical to us that our products be easily applied at home, the trailhead, or even in the living room by anyone from the casual commuter cyclist to the elite professional mechanic.  After extensive testing with numerous formulas and adaptations – focused specifically on today’s advanced bike frame alloys and composites – we found what we believe to be the “holy grail” of bike maintenance and protection…inexpensive, easy to apply, and long-lasting compounds that deliver an entirely new level of bike performance previously unattainable with DIY solutions.  In short, our mission is to provide riders with products that allow them to CLEAN LESS and RIDE MORE.”  

Safe on all bike finishes – from anodized alloys to raw carbon fiber – PELLI’s initial launch range includes (5) core products: 

  • EcoCLEAN: Biodegradable bike wash spray
  • Ceramic PROTECT: Wipe-on / buff-off ceramic protective coating
  • Ceramic MAINTAIN: Spray-on / wipe off ceramic-infused waterless daily maintenance cleaner
  • Waterless Wash: Waterless daily cleaner and detailer
  • E-Bike Cleaner: Waterless E-Bike cleaner for use on bikes with sensitive electrical components

Currently available online at PELLIBIKECARE.COM, the company is also currently in talks with premium IBD retail locations nationwide and plans to focus on boutique and service-oriented retailers to support its current lineup of Premium Bike Care solutions.  

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