National Lands Day, Help Lands We Bike, Hike and Run On—Sept 28th

US Highway 6 will be closed west of Golden on September 28th to give plenty of space for volunteers to help clean up Clear Creek Canyon.

Says Scott Waters, Jeffco Trail Team Senior Specialists, “We have a unique opportunity to get into Clear Creek Canyon and clean up the 13 mile stretch between Golden and the county line. CDOT has agreed to close US 6 for this event. We hope every outdoor enthusiast that visits our parks come out that day to give back to these beautiful landscapes that folks have worked so hard to preserve, protect and provide

The event will be from 8am to 2pm and will include trash collection, erosion control and habitat rebuilding. At the conclusion of the day food and music will be available to celebrate the hard work.

This is the biggest volunteer event Jefferson County has hosted. People often ask what they can do in the endurance community to make a difference, well here you go.

To sign up, go to

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