Mountain bike trainer gets riders pushing, pulling and balancing

From New Atlas

If you’re a mountain biker, chances are you want to retain your core strength, coordination and sense of balance throughout the off-season and between rides. Well, that’s why Colorado-based cycling coach Lee McCormack created the RipRow. It’s kind of like a pedal-less exercise bike crossed with a rowing machine, and the thing rocks … literally.

Users straddle the RipRow’s 5052 aluminum frame as if it’s a mountain bike, grasping the handlebars and planting their feet on the adjustable-position foot platforms. They then use the bars – and their own muscle power – to push the frame forward and pull it back, with two hydraulic dampers providing 12 levels of adjustable resistance.

The RipRow’s base, meanwhile, isn’t flat on the bottom. It’s curved like a rocking cradle, allowing the unit as a whole to rock from side to side. This lack of stability is claimed to build core strength, while also improving balance and keeping the user alert.

Its handlebars can either be turned from side to side (to make the experience more like riding a bike), or they can be locked straight ahead. The whole rig weighs around 40 lb (18 kg), and can be partially disassembled for transport.

If you’re interested in getting a RipRow, the first batch are currently in production, and should be shipped out next month. It’s priced at US$1,199.

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