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Lew Cox, 80-year-old member of the Sticky Bun Riders

Midway through their regular 27-mile Sunday bike ride, a dozen members of the Sticky Bun Riders pause at the bottom of Dinosaur Ridge before a short but difficult climb over the hogback adjacent to Red Rocks Park. Everyone knows what’s coming next: 80-year-old Lew Cox is going to smoke them so badly on the ascent they accuse him of having a hidden motor in his bike.

Cox, who drove gasoline tankers over Colorado mountain passes for 35 years, cruises up the incline which rises 120 feet in a little more than half a mile, then waits for the rest of the riders (average age 65) to catch up.

“He is so light and strong, nobody stays with him,” said Zeik Saidman, 70, who joined the group to stay fit because his knees are “shot” and he can’t run anymore. He regards Cox and another octogenarian in the group, Jim McClain, as role models. McClain turns 81 this week.

“When I saw Lew and Jim being so active, in their 80s and still going strong, that’s really inspiring,” Saidman said.

When weather cooperates, the roads around Dinosaur Ridge and Red Rocks teem with a stream of riders in their 50s, 60s and 70s. The Sticky Bun Riders (“A Social Club with a Cycling Problem,” according to the cartoon on the back of their shirts) have been doing their Sunday rides for 15 years. The story behind the name: There used to be a bakery in Morrison where they’d stop to refuel…

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2 thoughts on “More Like Riding for Miles

  1. Would love to join your club. I am a senior and still love to ride my road bike and so does my husband. Let me know how to join your sticky bun club.

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