Ned Overend scores big in Vail

Yesterday we mentioned that Jeannie Longo kicked butt in the Senior womens field at the Mike Horgan Hill Climb in Boulder Co, Jeannie Longo is 48 years of age, some have called her the greatest cyclist in history However it went unnoticed that Ned Overend whom placed 5th at the recent Teva Games Hill Climb coming only 50 seconds behind record breaking time set by Ben Day of 25:48 and Ned is of 52 years of age.

Then to top if off, the fastest time in the Colorado state TT was set by a 35+ Master racer. This shows that age does not have to be a limiting factor to not only staying fit (duh) but in remaining competitive. When I started out in cycling in 91, Steve Tilford was tearing up the MTB in the Midwest as many would say was his slow exit from the sport but those who follow Tilford’s blog will see that he is still very competitive and a force to be dealt with, especially in CX.

“We do not stop exercising because we grow old – we grow old because we stop exercising.”

Dr. Kenneth Cooper, Cooper Institute.

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