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Full Cycle in Boulder is Hiring a Marketing Manager. The marketing manager is responsible for all marketing and communications of the bike shop, bar, clubs, and race team, including website, social media, e-newsletters, event coordination, advertising, branding, promotions, printing, limited graphic design, and communications with club leadership.

– Responsible for maintaining accurate and timely information on the website at all times.
– Must become versed in the website management tool, currently Smart Etailing
– Responsible for managing website domains and renewals
– Regularly review the website content and meet with General Manager and Owner on a monthly basis to review content and the month’s media plan.

Social Media
– Maintain a consistent and regular calendar of social media, including 2 posts per day on Facebook and Instagram, with regular themed content depending on the day of the week
– Manage a $175 per week ($25/day) budget for boosting posts on social media
– Content should be 75% bike and 25% bar related during summer months, and 50-50 during winter months.
– Appropriate content:
– A bike we sell, or will be selling – highlighting its benefit to lifestyle and key differentiating features
– An event coming up, including info about the subject, the speaker, and the event details
– An event just completed (or in progress) – tagging partner organizations and individuals where appropriate
– Regular blogging, or commenting & linking to other blogs

– Prepare and send a biweekly newsletter with 1 to 3 feature stories and up 3 to 6 minor news pieces, including information about upcoming club activities and event calendar
– Features include shop events, such as sales, or other news, such as upcoming bike demo days, stories about local riding, a hot new bike, service specials, etc
– Maintain the master email distribution list on MailChimp, with appropriate segmentation for club member status, eventually keeping information about bike ownership and other social preferences

Oversee Full Cycle and Venus club email communications, ensuring appropriate and timely shop/bar content is included each week

– Maintain the shop and bar event calendar, and oversee the club calendar in Google Calendar
– Create Facebook event, web page or post about the event, and include it in the upcoming events section of the newsletter
– Work with local breweries and other organizations to schedule special nights in the bar
– Coordinate with bar manager regarding all events, including any special food, drink, or staffing needs

Branding, Graphics & Photography
– Maintain library of logos, advertising graphics, and photography
– Perform or coordinate photo shoots from time to time
– Design or coordinate design of print and digital advertising

– Prepare signs for internal or external printing
– Prepare and print promotional flyers, coupon cards, and other materials

Club and Race Team
– Manage the Full Cycle Bike Club and participate and lead co-ed club rides during the cycling season
– Act as liaison between shop management and Venus club and race team leaders
– Coordinate club and race team bike and apparel ordering
– Include stories about club and team in social media and e-newsletters


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