Mara Abbott recovers bike

Boulder Olympian recovers stolen bike

By Mitchell Byars

Mara Abbott, the Boulder cyclist who competed in the Olympics Games in Rio de Janeiro this summer, recovered her beloved commuter bike Monday after it was stolen from her home over the weekend.

Abbott said she received a call from Boulder police Monday morning report-ing her bike possibly had been dropped off at the department, and asked her to come down to identify it.

“I’m a pretty heavy believer in the jinx in general, but I was 99 percent excited,” Abbott said. “Until I actually had the bike and brought it home, you just never know.”

But sure enough, the bicycle — a gold-colored Blue cyclocross-style mountain bike — was Abbott’s. She said the joy really hit her after she stopped at a King Soopers on the ride home to buy a BIKE celebratory doughnut.

Mara Abbott tweeted this photo of herself with her recovered bicycle on Monday, along with the caption, “HOORAY!”

Courtesy photo


“I was jumping up and down and maybe crying a little because I was so happy,” she said.

Boulder police spokeswoman Shannon Cordingly said a man named Michael Morton called police after he saw a bike outside his home in the 2900 block of Bixby Lane on Sunday and recognized it from a Daily Camera article about the theft of Abbott’s bike.

Cordingly said police don’t have any leads on the theft.

Abbott said the bicycle for some reason had new lights attached to it, and that someone also had reapplied tape she’d previously put on the bike.

“It’s actually in better shape,” Abbott said. “So that is weird. But I’m glad whoever had it was taking good care of it.”

Abbott said the bike’s trailer is still missing, but she’s happy to at least get the bicycle back.

“The trailer is replaceable, the bike is not, so if I could only have one back it would be the bike,” Abbott said. “I didn’t lock it up, so maybe that’s my warning from the universe. At least it didn’t have to be such a harsh lesson.”

Abbott — who is a guest columnist for the Daily Camera— said that she returned to her Martin Acres home in south Boulder on Friday night and forgot to lock up her bike in the carport.

She finished fourth in the women’s road race at the Olympics after holding the lead until the final few hundred meters, when she was passed by three other cyclists.

3 thoughts on “Mara Abbott recovers bike

  1. Am I missing something with this story? did anyone ask why a crappy old Blue bike has such a sentimental value? Is there some back story that makes any of this actually interesting other than the fact that it is a bike owned by Mara Abott?

    Totally get that having your bike stolen sucks and I would be upset if someone did it to me, but I don’t understand why this deserves multiple articles on the Camera and here.

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