Man who “hates bikes” and shot cyclists faces only misdemeanors; make your voice heard

Back in July a man shot a pellet gun at a couple riding a tandem on Golden Gate (Golden Gate Canyon State Park is a Colorado State Park). The sentencing is coming up. Want to take action? Here you go:

…When the sheriff located Scott Brown, age 65, following the incident, Mr. Brown told the sheriff that he keeps handy his pellet gun because he hates squirrels. When he saw us our on tandem bicycle, he said that we were not in his way or impeding his vehicle in any way, but he decided that he “hates bikes” as well, because they “mess up the trails.”

Last week, Mr. Brown entered a guilty plea to three misdemeanor counts: Third Degree Assault, Reckless Endangerment, and Launching a Missile at a Vehicle.

Because these are misdemeanors, there are not strong sentencing guidelines in place–there is a maximum possible 2-year county jail term associated with the first count, and otherwise the sentencing is entirely subjective. However, in determining a sentence, the judge and the District Attorney will consider impact statements from victims and the community.

If you would like to send a message, here are the steps:

1- Send an email message to Deputy District Attorney Claire Czajkowski at this email address: (crazy spelling–just cut and paste ?)

2- Use this subject line: Scott Brown M173625 October 13 Sentencing (again, cut and paste–this one is important)

3- Copy these two email addresses: and

3- Express your reflections and opinions with regard to sentencing to Deputy DA Czajowski

This is your opportunity as a taxpayer to provide direction to the officials whose salaries you are paying. You may feel that jail time or anger management or curtailing gun ownership is warranted for Mr. Brown. You may think that Mr. Brown should be required to spend some time working on the trails held so dearly that he is evidently willing to commit violent crimes. There may be something else entirely that you believe to be appropriate. Please express these views clearly and concisely.

THANK YOU for your support!

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  1. Cranky Mommy


  2. David Fleck

    Who are the additional (2) emails we are being asked to copy on the correspondence and for what purpose?

  3. David Turlington

    This is an unmitigated act of hate and violence. He should receive the maximum punishment as that is an assault with a deadly weapon. There is no excuse for this behavior, and we as a society cannot normalize this behavior.

  4. Randall

    I often carry a concealed handgun on bike rides. It would be a very bad idea to shoot me with a pellet gun.

  5. Justin

    why am I copying budget solar?

    • Brad

      This is a state with CCW.

  6. dave

    Would never happen in a state with concealed carry.

  7. James Mason

    Where did this happen? You know the internet goes world-wide.

    • Dana Willett

      Golden Gate Canyon State Park is a Colorado State Park.

    • Thomas

      James, you know that people usually read the article before making snide comments.

      • Matthew

        A pellet gun is a “real weapon.” It can kill you.

  8. Ed Llorca

    Punishment must be severe enough for Mr Brown to grasp what he truly did. If not the next time he might pick up a real weapon by mistake and cause irreversible damage. The fact that he used a pellet gun should not diminish the act, he pointed a weapon and shot at a human being who was not threatening, interfereing or even interacting with the accused. Psychological tests are called for, loss of firearms lisences and forfeiture of any and all weaponry should be a minimum.

  9. Mike Barrow

    I sent mine. Please update me as to what happens.


  10. David Collishaw

    in the UK that is classed as a firearms offence and actually bodily harm.

    he would be heavily fined, banned from owning any weapons and probably put away for at least six months

  11. Bethany

    Take away his driver’s license and make him ride a bike…

  12. Dixie Duff

    I am a retired RN and avid cyclist, often putting in 200 miles a week. Mr. Brown has shown he is cruel to both animals and humans, not to mention that he endangers the life of anyone he shoots with a pellet gun. He has probably done this in the past and just now got caught. Someone on a bike could easily loose control, crash and endure severe injuries or death when shot. Mr. Brown should NEVER be allowed to own any type of gun again. He should also be sentenced to the maximum time in jail, be required to have psychological testing, have his driver’s license revoked and be required to ride a bike for 2 years after serving his jail time so he might develop some empathy for cyclists.

  13. Kevin Sheen

    Thanks for posting. Letter sent.

  14. Mark Drobac

    Done and done. I’m so sorry this kind of sickness and dysfunction is perpetrated on anyone, regardless of transportation mode.

  15. Mark Drobac

    Here’s what I sent to the Deputy District Attorney:

    To say that Mr. Brown’s conduct was ‘unacceptable’ would be an understatement. It’s disgusting. This is not a well adjusted individual and his sentencing needs to send him a powerful message.

    Citizens should be able to come and go in society (pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists –whichever method of travel we may choose) without the fear of people like Scott Brown *SHOOTING AT US*. I can’t believe this actually has to be said. We simply don’t shoot at things, creatures, or PEOPLE that we dislike or find to be annoying.

    Imagine the consequences of someone losing an eye to this guy’s pellet gun. Imagine the possibility of someone losing their *life* from losing control of their car or bicycle when they were either startled, terrified, or injured by the thoughtlessness and violence this man displays.

    Please consider these things and how you would feel if you or a loved one had been affected when it is time for his sentencing. He’s shown himself to be unfit to own or possess firearms of any kind and deserves the maximum sentence allowed. This ugliness cannot be tolerated or normalized.

  16. Robert Taylor

    I believe Buglet Solar may be business of the victim(s). I copied my sentencing recommendation letter to them so they are aware of the support.

  17. Brendan P

    “Dear Deputy DA Czajkowski,

    I believe that the prosecution and sentencing of Mr. Scott Brown for his assault of two cyclists with a pellet gun will set an important legal precedent for our community. I have personally witnessed and been the victim of numerous acts of aggression and harassment against law-abiding cyclists. I know for certain that these crimes are very rarely prosecuted and I firmly believe that this perceived impunity emboldens perpetrators, especially motorists, to threaten and potentially harm cyclists.

    Given the clear malicious intent of Mr. Scott Brown’s actions, I feel that a significant amount of jail time and community service is the only acceptable sentence. Cycling represent a significant part of the Colorado ethos and furthermore promotes good health and environmental conscientiousness; this important part of our culture will be threatened if such acts of aggression are not substantively prosecuted. I implore you to consider these facts in conducting this case.

    Thank you very much for your time,
    [concerned citizen]

  18. Travis Medeiros

    Assault with a weapon; he no longer reserves the right to own weapons, he is clearly unstable and a threat to society.
    “Hates squirrels” and suddenly decided he “hates bikes”. He didn’t shoot the bike, he shot the rider. So he either missed the bike or actually hates cyclists. Either way, he is a menace to society. Why exactly does he “hate squirrels”? This entire story is just weird.
    He should have a psych eval and never be allowed weapon ownership, the right to wander alone on trails anywhere or be near children.

  19. Ruck Sylvester

    I completely agree with the sentiments expressed in the previous post, as well as the possibility of the loss of an eye. There s no excuse for that behavior, and leniency on the part of the law represents the opposite of being helpful. Throw the book at the scumbag!

  20. Lewis

    This is absolutely nuts. That maniac fool is a dangerous, deranged threat. He belongs incarcerated away from civilization.

  21. Shari Gordon

    I sent mine off today.

  22. Anonymous

    You may want to consider updating this article to reflect the sentence Mr. Brown received:

    1.5 years in jail followed by 2 years of probation with mental health treatment, no weapons, and 50 hours community service.


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