Making Business Deals on Two Wheels

by Joshua Ware
Content provided by Prestige Imports
It’s no secret that executives and entrepreneurs often conduct business and close deals on the golf course. Point of fact: if you search for “golf and business” in your browser, you’ll receive over 464 million results. Yes. 464 million.

In one such article, New York Times reporter Veronica Byrd claims that “playing golf with a business associate was a good way to establish a closer relationship;” likewise, she notes that, for many businessmen, “some of their biggest deals were made on a golf course.”

PI_20120829124044_0015292But, as the old adage states, the times they are a changin’. Daniel McMahon of Business Insider points out that golf’s “popularity is waning, and the number of courses has been on the decline in the US for the past eight years.” Surely, plenty of executives still hit the links to create contacts or close deals, but many of them have embraced other recreational and outdoor activities. Cycling, it so happens, is one of those new diversions.

While cycling befits the outdoor culture of Denver, the Front Range, and Colorado, the trend toward cycling executives is a nation-wide phenomenon. The Economist appears to agree, noting that “road cycling is fast catching up as the preferred way of networking for the modern professional.” More than a sport, cycle is a “passion and a way of life” that executives have leveraged into “lasting working relationships.”

Justin Adis concurs. As the General Manager of Prestige Imports and a life-long rider, Adis champions the confluence of cycling and business practice. “Because of the history I’ve had with cycling,” Adis says “I knew that it would be an obvious match with Prestige Imports.” Further explaining this relationship, he says: “Due to the friendships I formed through the sport, I have a pretty good understanding of its demographic. And it’s perfect for the types of vehicles and services that we offer.”

PI_20121222123801_9799Of course, Prestige Imports’ involvement with the cycling community is much more than creating contacts; it is also a way for the dealership to offer cyclists support. Five years ago, Adis began developing connections between the dealership and the Colorado cycling community. He did so by starting the Prestige Imports Cycling Team. While the initial impetus for his idea was “to ride bikes and have some fun,” the scope and ambitions of Adis’ idea grew quite rapidly.

After four years of involvement and tripling the team’s original size, Adis began developing a Junior Team. Inspired by “how much passion younger riders have for the sport,” he says, “I decided to take our assets and focus on them.” The shift in support has enabled promising, young athletes to shine. “This past weekend in California,” he notes, “we took first place, third place, and a some Top Ten finishes.” Perhaps even more impressively, Adis mentions that “last year we had a few guys picked for the U.S.A. Cycling Team.”

The dealership’s support of the cycling community, though, does not end with these teams. “On pretty much any given weekend in Colorado during the summer and fall,” Adis says, “you can ride in an event.” Those events, such as Denver Century and the Triple Bypass, are often sponsored by Prestige Imports. “Primarily, we provide vehicle support, but we do offer cash support as well.”

During past years, Prestige Imports also sponsored the Garmin Sharp Cycling Team, as well as professional rider Tom Danielson. To this extent, Adis notes that, “I was trying to capture all areas of the cycling community: pro riders, juniors, and recreational riders.”

As far as why cycling appears to be supplanting golf as a new form of both relaxation and dealing for the modern executive, Adis says, “People of all fitness levels ride; they want to go out there and make
that twenty mile ride. But to learn the sport of golf requires a lot of time; and, for most people, it’s very frustrating.” Conversely, he says, “Cycling isn’t frustrating, it is fun. Going down the road with the wind blowing through your hair: it puts a smile on your face. And once you get in that zone, you’re feeling great.”

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