Looking for People Who Like Kids and Bikes

by Cheri Felix


I’m just going to come out and say it. We need you.


Okay. I know. It seems that every time you turn around someone is asking you to “help out”. To “lend a hand”. Today we’re talking about volunteering and this time, and I mean this with all sincerity, you really should take a minute to listen. You might just end up with an opportunity to combine your love of bikes and your love of kids. And since the solar eclipse is over, whether you saw a partial or a full eclipse, I’m betting you have some time. Let’s talk about the Colorado High School Cycling League.



It changed my life and it’s safe say, that it’s bled into the lives of my kids and of course there is the fact that I tell all my friends about it, so I believe that because I volunteer with the league, many have benefitted. I say this sort of tongue in cheek but only sort of. This is my 6th year of coaching and I LOVE it. And I’m writing this to ask you to volunteer. Sign up on your own. Or get your weekly ride group to volunteer (can you imagine how fun it would be??). You know how you do those cyclocross clinics with a bunch of other people who think it’s fun to run around carrying their bikes? Organize them! Can you say “Girl’s Weekend?!” Here’s the deal. The state has 72 teams. That comes out to about 1100 racers. The league’s main goal (and I know this because I just renewed my coaching license) is to A) keep kids safe and B) create LIFE LONG RIDERS. Imagine a world where kids ride bikes and they grow up to ride bikes which means they’re healthy and happy and not doing other things after school like they could be doing.



If you haven’t been to a race it’s like being at a “grownup race”. It looks professional and awesome and it happens because of volunteers. Course marshals, sweeps, announcers, bike mechanics, the people who sometimes literally catch the racers at the finish and everything in between. They are volunteers. In order for the magic to happen, it takes volunteers. Period. If you want, you can email me and I will tell you how magical you will feel after you’ve volunteered at a race. Or take my word for it and go to www.coloradomtb.org/volunteer


Don’t for a minute think you don’t have the right skill set. Just check it out. And sign up. Peer pressure your friends to sign up. Offer to not sing in the car or to buy them a coffee. And after you’re done at the race you can go get YOUR ride on. And you can know that you helped make some magic happen for a high school kid. And I’m willing to bet it will be magical for you too.


I will see you there!

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