Look out for Lookout Speed Bumps!

From Katie Macarelli:

Seems there’s some controversy over the 4 speed bumps at the bottom of Lookout. I had a chance to check them out. I love them. They will reduce the speed in a dangerous section that has historically been rage-filled. I shouldn’t be riding 40 mph through this residential area any more than a motorist. But coincidentally the speed bumps punish motorists the most (evident from my close-up). If you know they are there you just adjust your speed and have some fun. One even cuts off at the bike lane. It’s not as if these were added without thought, research and proven statistics. Want more proof? Pull off to the side and watch about 5 cars. Way to go, @cityofgolden ! #safepassage



2 thoughts on “Look out for Lookout Speed Bumps!

  1. I think simply doubling the number of speed limit signs would have helped tremendously. People don’t even know it’s 20mph up and down.

    1. Drivers will drive as fast the road allows despite the signs posted. Speed reducing infrastructure is the only thing proven to reduce speed.

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